LIGHTNING SEEDS 「Cloudcuckooland」

LIGHTNING SEEDS 「Cloudcuckooland」

 1.All I Want(Ian Broudie-Peter Coyle)
 2.Bound In A Nutshell(Ian Broudie)
 3.Pure(Ian Broudie)
 4.Sweet Dreams(Ian Broudie-Richard Jobson)
 5.Nearly Man(Ian Broudie)
 6.Joy(Ian Broudie)
 7.Love Explosion(Ian Broudie)
 8.Don't Let Go(Ian Broudie)
 9.Control The Flame(Ian Broudie-Peter Coyle)
10.The Price(Ian Broudie)
11.Fools(Ian Broudie)
12.Frenzy(Ian Broudie)

Produced by Ian Broudie



 1.Sense(Ian Broudie - Terry Hall)
 2.The Life Of Riley(Ian Broudie)
 3.Blowing Bubbles(Ian Broudie)
 4.A Cool Place(Ian Broudie)
 5.Where Flowers Fade(Ian Broudie - Terry Hall)
 6.A Small Slice Of Heaven(Ian Broudie - Terry Hall)
 7.Tingle Tangle(Ian Broudie)
 8.Happy(Ian Broudie - Ian McNabb)
 9.Marooned(Ian Broudie)
10.Thinking Up Looking Down(Ian Broudie)

produced by Ian Broudie and Simon Rogers


 1.The Life Of Riley
 3.Blowing Bubbles
 5.Sweet Dreams
 6.All I Want
 7.A Small Slice Of Heaven
 8.Love Explosion
 9.Don't Let Go
11.The Price
12.A Cool Place
14.Tingle Tangle
15.Gor Help Them
16.Bound In A Nutshell
17.The Neary Man
18.Thinking Up, Looking Down

1, 2, 3, 7, 12, 13, 14, 18     from the album 『Sense』
4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17 from the album 『Cloudcuckooland』

LIGHTNING SEEDS 「Jollification」

ライトニング・シーズ 「ジョリフィケイション」

 1.Perfect(Ian Broudie)
 2.Lucky You(Ian Broudie - Terry Hall)
 3.Open Goals(Ian Broudie)
 4.Change(Ian Broudie)
 5.Why, Why, Why(Ian Broudie)
 6.Marvellous(Ian Broudie)
 7.Feeling Lazy(Ian Broudie - Ian McNabb)
 8.My Best Day(Ian Broudie and Alison Moyet)
 9.Punch And Judy(Ian Broudie)
10.Telling Tales(Ian Broudie)

All songs produced by Ian Broudie and Simon Rogers



 1.Imaginary Friends(Ian Broudie - Terry Hall)
 2.You Bet Your Life(Ian Broudie)
 3.Waiting For Today To Happen(Ian Broudie - Nicky Jones)
 4.What If.....(Ian Broudie - Terry Hall)
 5.Sugar Coated Iceberg(Ian Broudie - Steven Jones)
 6.Touch And Go(Ian Broudie)
 7.Like You Do(Ian Broudie)
 8.Wishaway(Ian Broudie)
 9.Fingers And Thumbs(Ian Broudie)
10.You Showed Me(Gene Clark - James McGuinn)
11.Ready Or Not(Ian Broudie)
12.Fishes On The Line(Ian Broudie)

Produced by Dave Bascombe, Ian Broudie, Simon Rogers

LIGHTNING SEEDS 「Like You Do... Best Of The Lightning Seeds」

LIGHTNING SEEDS 「Like You Do... Best Of The Lightning Seeds」

 1.What You Say(Ian Broudie and Terry Hall)
 2.The Life Of Riley(Ian Broudie)
 3.Lucky You(Ian Broudie and Terry Hall)
 4.You Showed Me(Gene Clark and James McGuinn)
 5.Change(Ian Broudie)
 6.Waiting For Today To Happen(97 Version)(Ian Broudie and Nicky Jones)
 7.Pure(Ian Broudie)
 8.Sugar Coated Iceberg(Ian Broudie and Stephen Jones)
 9.Ready Or Not(Ian Broudie)
10.All I Want(Ian Broudie and Peter Coyle)
11.Perfect(Ian Broudie)
12.What If...(Ian Broudie and Terry Hall)
13.Sense(Ian Broudie and Terry Hall)
14.Brain Drain(Ian Broudie)
15.Marvellous(Ian Broudie)
16.Three Lions(Lyrics by David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, Music by Ian Broudie)


ライトニング・シーズ 「ティルト」

 1.Life's Too Short
 2.Sweetest Soul Sensations
 3.If Only
 4.City Bright Stars
 5.I Wish I Was In Love
 6.Happy Satellite
 7.Get It Right
 8.Cigarettes & Lies
10.Tales Of The Riverbank
11.Pussyfoot: Reprise
12.All The Things

All Tracks Written and Produced by Ian Broudie
2 Written by Ian Broudie/Mark Cullen/Al Green
3 Written by Ian Broudie/Mike Pickering
4 Written by Ian Broudie, Stephen Jones
5 Written by Ian Broudie/Terry Hall/Peter Green
6, 9 Written by Ian Broudie/Mark Cullen
7 Written by Ian Broudie/Terry Hall

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