LINDA & THE BIG KING JIVE DADDIES 「Linda & The Big King Jive Daddies」

リンダ&ザ・ビッグ・キング・ジャイヴ・ダディーズ 「リンダ&ザ・ビッグ・キング・ジャイヴ・ダディーズ」

 1.Route 66(B.Troup)
 2.Johnny Jingo(D.Manning, K.G.Twomey)
 3.Tweedle Dee(C.Corea)
 4.Come On-A My House(R.Bagdasarian, W.Saroyan)
 5.Jump, Jive An' Wail(L.Prima)
 6.Yes My Darling Daughter(J.Lawrence)
 7.I'm Beginning To See The Light(D.Ellington, H.James/D.George, J.Hodges)
 8.Mellow Saxophone(R.A.Blackwell, J.S.Marascalco, R.Motrell)
 9.I Want You To Be My Baby(J.Hendricks)
12.You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight(S.A.Morris)
13.Barflies At The Beach "Sing Sing Sing"(L.Prima/L.Prima, Royal Crowwn Revue)

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