ラッキー・デューベ 「スレイヴ」

 2.Let Jah Be Praised(Igzebier)
 3.I've Got You Babe
 4.How Will I Know
 5.Rasta Man
 6.Back To My Roots
 7.The Hand That Giveth

Composed by L.Dube
except 5 by R.Siluma
Produced by Richard Siluma

LUCKY DUBE 「Prisoner」

LUCKY DUBE 「Prisoner」 ラッキー・デューベ 「プリズナー」
<Shanachie 43073> <QTCY-1024>

<Shanachie 43073>
 1.War And Crime(Lucky Dube)
 2.Prisoner(Lucky Dube)
 3.False Prophets(Lucky Dube)
 4.Remember Me(Richard Siluma)
 5.Jah Live(Lucky Dube)
 6.Dracula(Lucky Dube)
 7.Reggae Strong(Lucky Dube)
 8.Don't Cry(Lucky Dube/Richard Siluma)

 1.Prisoner(Lucky Dube)
 2.War And Crime(Lucky Dube)
 3.Don't Cry(Lucky Dube/Richard Siluma)
 4.Reggae Strong(Lucky Dube)
 5.Dracula(Lucky Dube)
 6.False Prophets(Lucky Dube)
 7.Remember Me(Richard Siluma)
 8.Jah Live(Lucky Dube)

Produced by Richard Siluma

LUCKY DUBE 「Captured Live」

LUCKY DUBE 「Captured Live」

 1.Together As One(Lucky Dube)
 2.Peanut Butter(Sly Dunbar)
 3.The Hand That Giveth(Lucky Dube)
 4.Going Back To My Roots(Lucky Dube)
 6.Slave(Lucky Dube)
 7.Truth In The World(Lucky Dube)
 8.Born To Suffer(Lucky Dube)
 9.I've Got Jah(Lucky Dube)
10.Prisoner(Lucky Dube)
11.One Love(Bob Marley)

Produced by Richard Siluma

LUCKY DUBE 「House Of Exile」

ラッキー・デューベ 「ハウス・オブ・エグザイル」

 1.House Of Exile
 2.Crazy World
 3.Group Areas Act
 4.Reap What You Sow
 5.It's Not Easy
 6.Running, Falling
 7.Hold On
 8.Up With Hope(Down With Dope)
 9.Can't Blame You
10.Mickey Mouse Freedom

All songs composed by Lucky Dube
except 10 by Richard Siluma/Dave Segal
Produced by Richard Siluma

LUCKY DUBE 「Victims」

ラッキー・デューベ 「ヴィクティムズ」

 1.Keep On Knocking
 4.Soldiers For Righteousness
 5.My World
 6.Little Heroes
 7.You Know(Where To Find Me)
 8.Lovers In A Dangerous Time
 9.My Game

10.Different Colours/One People

All Songs Conceived and Composed by Lucky Dube
Produced by Richard Siluma and Simon Law

LUCKY DUBE 「Trinity」

ラッキー・デューベ 「トリニティー」

 1.Feel Irie
 3.Serious Reggae Business
 4.My Brother, My Enemy
 5.Rasta Man's Prayer
 6.Puppet Master
 7.Affirmative Action
 8.Big Boys Don't Cry
 9.Life In The Movies
10.God Bless The Women
11.You Got No Right

All Songs Written by Lucky Dube
Produced by Lucky Dube and Richard Siluma and Simon Law

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