MACALIAS 「Highwired」

マクエイリアス 「ハイワイアード」

 1.All The Way Back Home(Words and Music by K.Polwart)
 2.Wild West Romance(Words by G.Bowman/Music by Wendy Stewart)
 3.The Gowden Locks Of Anna(Robert Burns Pub Dom Arr. by Polwart & Bowman)
 4.Rantin Dog(Robert Burns Pub Dom Arr. by Polwart & Bowman)/The De'ils Awa Th' Exciseman(Derek Hoy)
 5.I Don't Think She Will Stay(Words and Music by G.Bowman)
 6.The Violet And The Rose(Words and Music by Tillis, AUge, Reinfield, Dickens)
 7.Gin I Were A Blackbird(Words and Music by G.Bowman)
 8.Polwart On The Green( Arr. by Polwart & Bowman)
 9.Winter Sun(Words by G.Bowman/Music by Leaving Stoer)
10.Take Me In Your Arms(Words and Music by K.Polwart)
11.John C.Clarke(Words and Music by K.Polwart)
12.The Moon Above The Rooftops(Words and Music by Allie Fox)
13.Fine Floors In The Valley/Bonnie At Morn(Trad Arr. by Polwart & Bowman)

Produced by Rab Noakes

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ