マへリア・ジャクソン 「マヘリア」

 1.Move On Up A Little Higher - Part 1(Virginia Davis & W.Herbert Brewster)
 2.Move On Up A Little Higher - Part 2(Virginia Davis & W.Herbert Beewster)
 3.Hands Of God(Mahalia Jackson)
 4.It Pays To Serve Jesus(Arr. by T. House)
 5.Jesus Is With Me(J.M.Henson)
 6.How I Got Over(Charlie Barnwell)
 7.I'm Glad Slavation Is Free(Mahalia Jackson & Bobby Smith)
 8.Said He Would(Bobby Smith)
 9.Didn't It Rain(Arr. by T.House)
10.Walk With Me
11.Just Over The Hill - Part 1(W.Herbert Brewster)
12..Just Over The Hill - Part 2(W.Herbert Brewster)
13.Get Away Jordan(Bobby Smith)
14.Even Me
15.I'm Getting Nearer To My Home(.W.Herbert Brewster & Virginia Davis)
16.No Matter How You Pray
17.The Last Mile Of The Way(Bobby Smith)
18.I Can Put My Trust In Jesus(Bess Reles

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