MAN OR ASTROMAN? 「Is It... Man Or Astro-Man?」

MAN OR ASTRO MAN? 「Is It... Man Or Astro-Man?」

 1.Taxidermist Surf
 2.Invasion Of The Dragonmen
 3.Nitrous Burn Out
 4.Clean Up On Aisle #9(Turn Up The Monitors)
 5.Journey To The Stars
 6.Cowboy Playing Dead
 7.Sadie Hawkins Atom Bomb
 8.The Human Calculator
 9.Organ Smash
10.Cattle Drive
11.Escape Through The Air Vent
12.Mermaid Love
13.Eric Estrotica
14.Alien Visitors

All Songs by Man Or Astro-Man?
except 5 by The Ventures

Produced by Jim Marrer and Birdstuff

MAN OR ASTROMAN? 「Destroy All Astro-Men!!」

MAN...OR ASTRO MAN? 「Destroy All Astro-Men!!」

 1.Reverb 10,000
 2.Name Of Numbers
 3.Popcorn Crabula
 4.A Mouthful Of Exhaust
 5.Of Sex And Demise
 6.Joker's Wild
 8.Mystery Meat
 9.The Heavies (Let's Surf The River Of Blood)
10.Madness In The Streets
11.Espanto Del Futuro
12.Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme
15.Gargantua's Last Stand
16.You Can't Get Good Riblets In Space
17.Bermuda Triangle Shorts
18.Taco Wagon
19.The Vortex Beyond
20.Destination Venus
21.Time Bomb

MAN...OR ASTROMAN? 「Intravenous Television Contiuum」

MAN...OR ASTRO MAN? 「Intravenous Television Contiuum」

 1.Immersion Static
 2.Put Your Finger In The Socket(Maximum Voltage Version)
 3.Nitrous Burn Out 2012
 4.Tetsuwan Atomu
 5.Max Q(Nielson Rating Video Version)
 6.−−−(Reverse Sync Moog Version)
 7.Jetson's Theme
 8.Invasion Of The Dragonmen(Alternate Universe Mosrite Version)
 9.Bionic Futures
10.Tomorrow Plus X (Time Travel Through Sleep Deprivation Mix)
11.Out Of Limits
12.Calling Hong Kong
13.Munsters Theme
14.Principles Unknown
15.Everyone's Favorite Martian
16.Deuces Wild
17.Cool Your Jets

MAN...OR ASTROMAN? 「Live! Transmissions From Uranus!!」

MAN...OR ASTRO MAN? 「Live! Transmissions From Uranus!!」

 1.Intro Sample
 2.Transmissions From Uranus
 3.Time Bomb
 4.Special Agent Conrad Uno
 5.Sferic Waves
 6.Destination Venus
 7.Names Of Numbers
 8.A Mouthful Of Exhaust
 9.Cowboy Playing Bomboro
10.Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme
11.Gargantua's Last Stand
14.Manta Ray
15.Man From F.U.C.K. Y.O.U
16.Eric Estrotica
17.Nitrous Burn Out

All songs by Man Or Astroman?
3 by Avengers Y
6 by Jo Callis
10 by Hodgson, Weinstein, Erikson
14 Black Francis

MAN OR ASTROMAN? 「What Remains Inside A Black Hole」

MAN OR ASTROMAN? 「What Remains Inside A Black Hole」

 1.The Universe's Only Intergalactic Radioactive Breakfast Bar
 2.The Quatermass Phenomenon
 3.Eric Estrotica(Live In Space)
 4.War Of The Satellite
 6.24 Hours
 7.Squad Car(Live In Space)
 8.Surf Terror
 9.Transmissions From Venus
10.Reverb 1000
11.Caffeine Trip
13.Adios Johnny Bravo
14.The Vortex Beyond
15.Within A Martian Heart

All songs by Man Or Astroman?
4 by Danny Hamilton
7 Johnson

MAN...OR ASTROMAN? 「Made From Technetium!」

マン・オア・アストロマン? 「メイド・フロム・テクネチウム」

 1.Message From The CD
 2.Lo Batt
 3.Jonathan Winters Frankenstein
 4.Don't Think What Jack
 5.Junk Satellite
 6.10 Years After World War 4
 7.A Saucerful Of Secrets
 8.Breathing Iron Oxide
 9.Muzak For Cybernetics
10.Structo <Mr. Microphone Mixup'>
11.The Sound Waves Reversed
12.Theoretical Sounds Of Slow Motion
13.Static Cling <Theme From>
14.Evert 1 Pipkin
15.Weightless At Zero Return
16.The Miracle Of Genuine Pyrex
17.Specify Gravity
18.Like A Giant Microwave
19.Man Made Of CO2
20.Universe City
21.100 Individual Magnets
22.With Automatic Shut Off

All songs written by Man Or Astro-Man?

MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? 「Eeviac: Operational Index And Reference Guide,
                    Including Other Modern Computational Devices」

MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? 「Eeviac: Operational Index And Reference Guide, Including Other Modern Computational Devices」

 1.Interstellar Hardrive
 4.Doamin Of The Human Race
 5.Theme From Eeviac
 6.A Reversal Of Polarity
 7.Fractionalized Reception Of A Scrambled Transmission
 8.Engines Of Difference
 9.Psychology Of A.I.(Numbers Follow Answers)
11.Within The Mainframe, Impaired Vision From Inoperable Cataracts Can Become A New Impending Nepotism
12.As Estrelas Agora Elas Estao Mortas
13.____ / Myopia
14.(Hidden Track)

MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? 「A Spectrum Of Infinite Scale」

MAN OR ASTRO-MAN? 「A Spectrum Of Infinite Scale」

 1.Pathway To The Infinite
 2.Song Of The Two-Mile Linear Particle Accelerator Stanford University, Stanford, California
 3.Preparation Clont
 4.Curious Constructs Of Stem-Like Devices Which Now Prepare Themselves To Be Thought Of As Fingers
 5.Um Espectro Sem Escala
 6.Many Pieces Of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together At A Rave And Schmoozing With A Brick
 8.Very Subtle Elevators
 9.Within One Universe There Are Millions
10.Spectrograph Reading Of The Varying Phantom Frequencies Of Chronic, Incurable Tinnitus
11.A Simple Text File
12.Obligatory Part 2 Song In Which There Is No Present Existing Part 1, Nor The Plans To Make One
13.Particles InAcceleration<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
14.Two Mictoscopic Creatures Meet, OneDevours The Other<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
15.Multi-Variational Stimuli Of Sub-Turgid Foci Covering Cross Evaluative Techniques For Cognitive Analysis Of
  Hypersignificant Graph Peaks Following Those Intersubjective Modules Having Biodegradable Seepage

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