MARY BLACK 「Babes In The Wood」

メアリー・ブラック 「ベイブス・イン・ザ・ウッド〜森の少女〜」

 1.Still Believing(Thom Moore)
 2.Bright Blue Rose(Jimmy McCarthy)
 3.Golden Mile(Noel Brazil)
 4.Babes In The Wood(Noel Brazil)
 5.Thorn Upon the Rose(Julie Mathews)
 6.Brand New Star(Kieran Goss)
 7.Prayer For Love(Molenie O Lyubvi)(Thom Moore)
 8.Adam At The Window(Jimmy McCarthy)
 9.Dimming Of The Day(Richard Thompson)
10.Might As Well Be A Slave(Noel Brazil)
11.Just Around The Corner(Kiaran Goss)
12.The Urge For Going (Joni Mitchell)

Produced by Declan Sinnott


メアリー・ブラック 「サーカス〜時の交差点〜」

 1.Circus(Noel Brazil)
 2.In A Dream(Noel Brazil)
 3.Moon And St.Christopher(Jimmy McCarthy)
 4.Wonder Child(Shane Howard)
 5.All That Hammering(John Gorka)
 6.Donegal Breeze(Kevin Doherty)
 7.A Stone's Throw From The Soul(Noel Brazil)
 8.Free As Stone(Shane Howard)
 9.Roison(Noel Brazil)
10.Looking Forward(John Gorka)
11.Gabriel(Shane Howard)
12.Raven In The Stormc(John Gorka & Geoff Bartley)
13.Only A Woman's Heart(Eleanor McEvoy) feat. EMMYLOU HARRIS <BONUS Track for Japan>

Produced by Declan Sinnott

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ