ミーシャ・パリス 「ソー・グッド」 MICA PARIS 「So Good」
<Japanese Edition> <US Edition>

 1.Like Dreamers Do
 2.My One Temptation
 3.Nothing Hits Your Heart Like Soul Music
 4.Sway(Dance The Blues Away)
 5.Don't Give Me Up
 6.Breathe Life into Me
 7.I'd Hate To Love You
 8.Great Impersonation
 9.Where Is The Love Duet with PAUL JOHNSON
10.So Good

Produced and Mixed by L'Equipe

MICA PARIS 「Contribution」

ミーシャ・パリス 「コントリビューション」

 2.South Of The River
 3.If I Love U 2 Nite
 4.Just To Be With You
 5.Take Me Away
 6Truth And Honesty
 7.Deep Africa
 8.More Love
 9.You Can Make A Wish
10.Just Make Me The One
11.I Can't Stop Loving You
12.I've Been Watching You
13.Who Can We Blame
14.One World

Produced by Camus Mare Celli and Andres Levin
Co-Produced by Mica Paris
1 Additional Production by Dancin' Danny D
2 Remix and Additional Production by Blacksmith
3 Produced and Remixed by Mantronik

MICA PARIS 「Black Angel」

ミーシャ・パリス 「ブラック・エンジェル」

 2.Stay(Album Version)
 3.Is It Good Enough
 5.Let Me Inside
 6.Black Angel
 8.Hate To Love
10.I'll Give You More
11.Love's Song
12.Don't Say Goodnight
13.Baby Angel
14.Ain't No Way
15.Sixth Street

1 Co-Produced by Gerry Brown and Nicholas Moroch
2, 3, 11, 14 Produced and Recorded by Julian Jackson
4 Produced by Ronin
5, 8 Produced by Stephen Simmons And Peter Cartiers
6 Produced by Boy Geroge and Richie Stevens
7, 9, 10 Produced by Mica Paris
12 Produced by Richie Stevens
13 Co-Produced by Guy Farley and Richie Stevens
15 Produced and Recorded by Roger Russell and George Trevorson
16 Remix and Additional Production by Blacksmith

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