MICE PARADE 「The True Meaning Of Boodleybaye」

マイス・パレード 「ザ・トゥルー・ミーニング・オブ・ブードレイベイ」

 1.A Dance By Any Other Name
 2.Dasher, Prancer, Donner and Blitzen
 3.Surprise! The Slippery Sled Went Down
 4.In the Water There Are Islands, In the Land There Are Lakes
 5.My Workday In May
 6.Dub Interlude #1 (Boodley)
 8.Headphonland: The Gangster Chapter
 9.My Funny Friend Scott
10.Trudging Through The Freshly Cut Grass
11.Peeking Around The Corner
12.Purple Blather(High and Remix)
14.? (It's A Joke; It's Supposed To Be Funny)
15.Theme Chase

All songs written, Performed and engineered by Adam Pierce
except 11 engineered by Peter Katis

MICE PARADE 「Bem-Vinda Vontade」

MICE PARADE 「Bem-Vinda Vontade」

 1.Warm Hard In Farmland
 2.Nights Wave
 3.Passing & Galloping
 4.The Days Before Fiction
 5.Steady As She Goes
 7.The Boat Room
 8.Ground As Cold As Common

MICE PARADE 「What It Means To Be Left-Handed.」

マイス・パレード 「ホワット・イット・ミーンズ・トゥ・ビー・レフト・ハンデッド・」

 2.In Between Times
 3.Do Your Eyes See Sparkles
 4.Couches & Carpets
 7.Old Hat
 8.Mallo Cup
 9.Remember The Magic Carpet
11.Tokyo Late Night
12.Fortune Of Folly
13.Mary Anne

All Tracks Written by Mice Parade
1 by Somi & Mice parade
8 by Evan Dando
13 by Tom Brosseaw
Produced by Adam Pirece

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