MICK RONSON 「Play Don't Worry」

ミック・ロンソン 「プレイ・ドント・ウォーリー」

 1.Billy Porter(Ronson)
 2.Angel No. 9(Fuller)
 3.This Is For You(Heath)
 4.White Light/White Heat(Reed)
 5.Play Don't Worry(Ronson/Sargeant)
 6.Hazy Days(Ronson)
 7.Girl Can't Help It(Troup)
 8.Empty Bed (Io Me Ne Andrei)(Music:Baglioni/Goggio English Lyric:Ronson)
10.Seven Days(Peacock)<Bonus Track>
11.Stone Love (Soul Love)(Bowie)<Bonus Track>
12.I'd Rather Be Me(M.Ronson/S.Ronson)<Bonus Track>
13.Life On Mars(Ronson)(Previously Unreleased)<Bonus Track>
14.Pain In The City(Ronson)(Previously Unreleased)<Bonus Track>
15.Dogs(French Girl)(Ronson)(Previously Unreleased)<Bonus Track>
16.Seven Days(Alternate Take)(Previously Unreleased)<Bonus Track>
17.28 Days Jam(Ronson)(Previously Unreleased)<Bonus Track>
18.Woman(Alternate Take)(Previously Unreleased)<Bonus Track>

Produced by Mick Ronson

MICK RONSON 「Heaven And Hull」

MICK RONSON 「Heaven And Hull」

 1.Don't Look Down(M.Ronson-C.Allen)
 2.Like A Rolling Stone(B.Dylan)
 3.When The World Falls Down(S.Morris-M.Ronson)
 4.Trouble With Me(S.Morris-M.Ronson)
 5.Life's A River(M.Ronson-S.Morris)
 6.You And Me(S.Ronson)
 7.Colour Me(M.Ronson-S.Morris)
 8.Take A Long Line(J.B.Jones-R.B.Jones-P.Neeson)
 9.Midnight Love(G.Moroder)
10.All The Young Dudes(D.Bowie)

Produced by Mick Ronson and Sham Morris
2 Produced by Bruce Fairbairn
6, 9 Produced by Mick Ronson

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