MOMUS 「Circus Maximus」

MOMUS 「Circus Maximus」

 1.Lucky Little St.Sebastian
 2.The Lesson Of Sodom(According To Lot)
 3.John The Baptist Jones
 4.King Solomon's Song And Mine
 5.Little Lord Obedience
 6.The Day The Circus Came To Town
 7.The Rape Of Lucretia
 8.Paper Wraps Rock
 9.Rules Of The Game Of Quoits
11.Don't Leave
12.See A Friend In Tears

All songs written by Currie
10 written by Jacques Brel/Gerard Juannest
11, 12 written by Jacques Brel

MOMUS 「The Poison Boyfriend」

MOMUS 「The Poison Boyfriend」
<CRELP 021 CD> <VDP-1324>

 1.Murderers, The Hope Of Women
 2.Eleven Executioners
 3.What Will Death Be Like?
 4.The Gatecrasher
 6.Islington John
 7.Three Wars
 8.Flame Into Being
 9.Situation Comedy Blues
10.Sex For The Disabled
11.Closer To You

All songs by Nicholas Currie
Produced by Julian Standen

MOMUS 「Don't Stop The Night」

モーマス 「ヒア・カム・ザ・ナイト」

 1.Trust Me, I'm A Doctor
 2.Righthand Heart
 3.Lord Of The Dance
 4.Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous
 5.How Do You Find My Sister?
 6.The Hairstyle Of The Devil
 7.Don't Stop the Night
 8.Amongst Women Only
 9.The Guitar Lesson
10.The Cabriolet
11.Shaftesbury Avenue

All Songs Written by Currie

MOMUS 「Hippopoiamomus」

 2.I Ate A Girl Right Up
 3.Michelin Man
 4.Dull Documentary
 5.Marquis Of Sadness
 7.Ventriloquists And Dolls
 8.Painter And His Model
 9.Monkey For Sallie
11.Song In Contravention

MOMUS 「The Ultraconformist」

モーマス 「ウルトラ・コンフォーミスト」

 1.Sinister Themes
 2.Last Of The Window Cleaners
 3.The Ladies Understand
 4.Cape And Stick Gang
 5.The Ultraconformist
 6.The Mother-In-Law
 7.La Catrina
 8.The Cheque's In The Post
 9.Spy On The Moon

All songs written by Nicholas Currie

MOMUS 「Voyager」

モーマス 「ヴォイジャー」

 1.Cibachrome Blue
 2.Virtual Reality
 6.Summer Holiday 1999
 8.Trans Siberians Express
10.Momutation 3

All songs written, produced and programmed by Momus

MOMUS 「Timelord」

MOMUS 「Timelord」

 3.You've Changed
 6.Suicide Pact
 7.Christmas On Earth

All songs by Nicholas Currie
Written, programmed, produced and engineered by Momus

MOMUS 「Learning To be Human」

モーマス 「ラーニング・トゥ・ビー・ヒューマン」

 1.Righthand Heart
 2.Spacewalk(Deja Vu Remix)
 4.Marquis Of Sadness
 5.Amongst Women Only
 6.Murderers, The Hope Of Women
 7.The Gatecrasher
10.Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous
11.I Was A Maoist Intellectual
14.In The Sanatorium
15.Ballad Of The Barrel Organist
16.The Poison Boyfriend(1982)
17.The Angels Are Voyeurs(Reprise)

All songs written by Nicholas Currie
Compiled by Kenji Takimi

MOMUS 「The Philosophy Of Momus」

 2.Madness Of The Lee Scratch Perry
 3.It's Important To Be Trendy
 4.Quark & Charm, The Robot Twins
 5.Girlish Boy
 6.Yokohama Chinatown
 8.K's Diary
 9.Virtual Valerie
10.Red Pyjamas
11.The Cabinet Of Kuniyoshi Kaneko
12.Slide Projector Lie Detector
15.I Had A Girl
16.The Philosophy Of Momus
17.The Loneliness Of Lift Music
18.Paranoid Acoustic Seduction Machine
19.The Sadness Of Things

All songs by Nick Currie
except 19 Music by Ken Morioka

MOMUS 「20 Vodka Jellies」

MOMUS 「20 Vodka Jellies」 モーマス 「20ウォッカ・ジェリー」
<UK Edition> <JAPANESE Edition>

 1.I Am A Kitten
 2.Vogue Bambini
 3.The Poisoners
 4.Nikon 2
 5.Giapponese A Roma
 7.End Of History
 8.London 1888
 9.Streetlamp Soliloquy
10.Inflatable Doll
13.Howard Hughes
14.Three Beasts
15.Good Morning World
17.The Girl With No Body
18.Radiant Night
19.Orgasm Addict

All Songs Written by Nick Currie
9 Written by Currie & Spritzler-Rose
19 Written by Devoto & Shelley

MOMUS 「Ping Pong」

MOMUS 「Ping Pong」

 1.Ping Pong With Hong Kong King Kong (A Sing Song)
 2.His Majesty The Baby
 3.My Pervert Doppelganger
 4.I Want You, But I Don't Need You
 5.Professor Shaftenberg
 6.Shoesize Of The Angel
 7.The Age Of Information
 8.The Sensation Of Orgasm
 9.The Anthem Of Shibuya
10.Lolitapop Dollhouse
11.Tamagotchi Press Officer
12.Space Jews
13.My Kindly Friend The Censor
14.The Animal That Desires
15.How To Get - And Stay - Famous

All songs by Momus
Produced by Momus

MOMUS 「The Little Red Songbook」

MOMUS 「The Little Red Songbook」

 1.Old Friend, New Flame
 3.Who Is Mr.Jones?
 4.Harry K-Tel
 5.Lucretia Borgia
 6.How To Spot An Invert
 7.Everyone I Have Every Slept With
 8.Born To Be Adored
 9.Coming In A Girl's Mouth
10.What Are You Wearing?
11.The New Decameron
12.Walter carlos
13.The Symphonies Of Beethoven
14.Tragedy And Farce
15.Mrs.X, An Ex-Lover
16.A White Oriental Flower
17.Old Friend, New Flame(Karaoke)
18.Tragedy And Farce(Karaoke)
19.The New Decameron(Karaoke)
20.Coming In A Girl's Mouth(Karaoke)
21.Mrs.X, An Ex-Lover(Karaoke)
22.Harry K-Tell(Karaoke)
23.Who Is Mr.Jones?(Karaoke)
24.Walter Carlos(Karaoke)
25.How To Spot An Invert(Karaoke)
26.The Symphonies Of Beethoven(Karaoke)

Written and composed by Momus

MOMUS 「Oskar Tennis Champion」

モーマス 「オスカー・テニス・チャンピオン」

 1.Spooky Kabuki
 2.Is It Because I'm A Pirate?
 3.Multiplying Love
 4.Scottish Lips
 5.My Sperm Is Not Your Enemy
 6.Oskar Tennis Champion
 7.A Little Schubert
 8.The Laird Of Inversnecky
 9.The Last Communist
10.Pierrot Lunaire
11.Beowulf(I Am Deformed)
12.Electrosexual Sewing Machine
13.A Lap Dog
14.Lovely Tree
15.Palm Deathtop

The Ringtone Cycle by Oliver Cobol

18.Beowulf(Digiki Remix)

Written, Played and Produced in Tokyo by Momus
Reproducted by John Fashion Flesh

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