秋吉満ちる 「満月」

 1.Making Love To A Ghost(Lyrics by Monday/Music by Christopher Goze)
 2.満月の華(Lyrics by Monday/Music by Yoko Kumagai)
 3.Wagamama(Lyrics by Monday & MC Muro/Music by Monday)
 4.With You(Music & Lyrics by Monday)
 5.Do It Again(Lyrics by Buddy G. Deslyva/Music by George Gershwin)
 6.Just Pretend(Music & Lyrics by Monday)
 7.Ricorderai(Lyrics by Yoh Kawahara/Music by Hidehiko Urayama)
 8.Pretending To Care(Music & Lyrics by Todd Rundgren)
 9.With My Love(Music & Lyrics by Monday)
10.A 1000 Dreams(Music & Lyrics by Monday)

Produced by John Ingham

MONDAY MICHIRU 「Adoption Agency」

マンデイ満ちる 「Adoption Agency」

 1.Groovement(The Dred Mix)
 2.La Flora(Airto Tropical Remix)
 3.Scat Attack(Why Not? Mix)
 4.Motor Drive
 5.Broken Tears(Broken Headphones Mix)
 6.Givin’ It(DJ Krush Remix)
 7.Just Another Day(Outta Control Remix)
 8.Hold On(Ol’ Vinyl Remix)
 9.Fanding Beauty(Chillin' Winter Mix)
10.Broken Tears(Original Mix)

MONDAY MICHIRU 「Delicious Poison」

マンデイ満ちる 「デリシャス・ポイズン」

 1.Black Rose
 2.Leaf In The Wind
 3.Will You Love Me Tomorrow
 4.Delicious Poison
 5.To Live As To Dream
 6.Paradox In Time
 7.Tattoo My Heart
 9.Ain’t It The Truth
11.Conversations With Myself
12.Why Should I Care

All tracks written, arranged & produced by Monday Michiru
except Japanese Lyrics on 3 by Sandii


マンデイ満ちる 「DOUBLE IMAGE」

 1.Interlude(Monday Michiru)
 2.Yellow Bird(Monday Michiru)
 3.Method 2 The Madness(Monday Michiru/Angel C.)
 4.Victim(Monday Michiru)
 5.Freed Or Bound(Monday Michiru)
 6.You Make Me(Monday Michiru)(Album Version)
 7.Damned If U Do,Damned If U Don't(Monday Michiru/Angel C.)
 8.Find Me(Monday Michiru)
 9.Island Of The Saints(Monday Michiru)
10.Scheme Of Things(Monday Michiru)
11.Cruel 2 Be Kind(Monday Michiru/DJ Krush)
12.Double Image(Monday Michiru/Rob Playford)
13.Reflections(Monday Michiru/Greg Smith)

Produced & Arranged by Monday Michiru
3, 7 Produced & Arranged by The Angel
6 Produced & Arranged by Sakura Hills Disco 3000(a.k.a. Shinichi Osawa)
11 Produced by Monday Michiru Co-Produced by DJ Krush
12 Produced by Rob Playford
13 Produced & Arranged by Greg Smith


マンデイ満ちる 「PREMIVMIX」

 1.You Make Me(Shin's Shin Mix)
 2.Yellow Bird(Incognito Capoeira Mix)
 3.Yellow Bird(Incognito Birdz Of Fire Mix)
 4.Cruel 2 Be Kind(Basement Jaxx Nite Dub)
 5.You Make Me(Carlos Murphy's Medicine Man Mix)
 6.Freed Or Bound(Reconsideration Mix)
 7.Yellow Bird(Incognito Flyin'High Mix)
 8.You Make Me(Soul Society Remix)
 9.Love Flow(Mango Margarita Mix)
10.Change Of Scenery
11.Double Image(Live At Manic One Remix)

1, 5 Post Production & Remixed by Shinichi Osawa
2 Remix Production by Bluey & Gary Sanctuary
3, 7 Remix Production by Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick
4 Mixed & Produced by Basemant Jaxx
6 Remixed by Greg Smith
8 Remixed by The Soul Society
9, 10 Produced & Arranged by Monday Michiru
11 Remix Production by Rob Playford

MONDAY MICHIRU 「Episodes In Color」

MONDAY満ちる 「エピソーズ・イン・カラー」

 4.The Road Less Travelled
 5.Send One Your Love
 6.Interesting Times
 7.So Close,Yet So Far
 8.First Steps
 9.Mysteries Of Life
11.If I Knew Then(What I Know Now)

All vocals, flutes, compositions(exception track 5 by Stevie Woder), programming and production by Monday Michiru

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ