MUDHONEY 「Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge」

MUDHONEY 「Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge」

 1.Generation Genocide
 2.Let It Slide
 3.Good Enough
 4.Something So Clear
 6.Into The Drink
 7.Broken Hands
 8.Who You Drivin' Now
 9.Move Out
10.Shoot The Moon
11.Fuzzgun '91
12.Pokin' Around
13.Don't Fade IV
14.Check-out Time

MONKEYWRENCH 「Clean As A Broke-Dick Dog」

モンキーレンチ 「ブローク・ディック・ドッグ」

 1.Call My Body Home(Arm-Kerr)
 3.Cold Cold World(With Organ)(Arm-Kerr)
 4.Codine(Buffy St. Marie)
 5.From You(Arm-Kerr)
 6.Doubled Over Again(The Monkeywrench)
 7.Great Down Here(Arm-Kerr)
 9.Look Back(Kerr)
10.Bottle Up & Go(Arm-Kerr)
11.The Story As I Was Told(Kerr)
12.Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me(Steve McDonald-Jeff McDonald)
13.Stop This World(Mose Allison)
14.I'm Blown(Arm-Kerr)

MONKEYWRENCH 「Electric Children」

モンキーレンチ 「エレクトリック・チルドレン」

 1.Solar Revelations(kerr, Arm)
 2.Empty Place(Arm)
 3.Thirteen Nights(Turner, Arm)
 4.Love Is A Spider(Roy Loney)
 5.In The City Tonight(Turner, kerr, Arm)
 6.Weasel's In The Barn(Kerr, Bland)
 7.Cherry Red(Tony McPhee)
 8.Bring On The Judgement Day(kerr, Arm)
 9.From Now On(Arm)
10.Around Again(Price, Arm)
11.Day Trader Shuffle(Arm)
12.Sugar Man(Jesus Rodriguez)
13.In The Days Of The Five(kerr, Arm)

Produced by Jack Endino, Tim Kerr and Monkeywrench

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ