THE MUFFS 「Blonder And Blonder」

THE MUFFS 「Blonder And Blonder」

 2.Oh Nina
 3.On And On
 4.Sad Tomorrow
 5.What You've Done
 6.Red Eyed Troll
 7.End It All
 8.Laying On A Bed Of Roses
 9.I Need A Face
10.Won't Come Out To Play
11.Funny Face
12.Ethyl My Love
13.I'm Confused
14.Just A Game

All songs by Kim Shattuck
Produced by Rob Cavallo and The Muffs

THE MUFFS 「Happy Birthday To Me」

ザ・マフス 「ハッピー・バースデー・トゥーミー」

 1.Crush Me
 2.That Awful Man
 4.All Blue Baby
 5.My Crazy Afternoon
 6.Is It All Okey?
 8.Outer Space
 9.I'm A Dick
11.Where Only I Could Go
12.Upside Down
13.You And Your Parrot
14.Keep Holding Me
15.The Best Time Around

All songs by Kim Shattuck

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