NASHVILLE PUSSY 「Let Them Eat Pussy」

NASHVILLE PUSSY 「Let Them Eat Pussy」

 1.Snake Eyes
 2.You're Goin' Down
 3.Go Motherfucker Go
 4.I'm The Man
 5.All Fucked Up
 6.Johnny Hotrod
 7.5 Minutes To Live
 8.Somebody Shoot Me
 9.Blowin' Smoke
10.First I Look At The Purse
11.Eat My Dust
12.Fried Chicken And Coffee

All songs by Nashville Pussy
except 10 by Smokey Robinson & Robert Rogers
Produced and Engineered by Kurt Bloch

NASHVILLE PUSSY 「Say Something Nasty」

ナッシュヴィル・プッシー 「セイ・サムシング・ナスティ」

 1.Words Of Wisdom
 2.Say Something Nasty
 3.Gonna Hitchhike Down To Cincinnati And Kick The S**t Outta Your Drunk Daddy
 4.You Give Drugs A Bad Name
 5.The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out
 6.Keep On Fuckin'
 7.Jack Shack
 8.Keep Them Things Away From Me
 9.Here's To Your Destruction
10.Let's Get The Hell Outta Here
11.Slow Movin' Train
12.Beat Me Senseless
13.Can't Get Rid Of It
14.Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo
16.Age Of Pamparius<Bonus Track For Japan>
17.The Kids Are Back<Bonus Track For Japan>
18.Flirtin' With Disaster<Bonus Track For Japan>

All songs written by Nashville Pussy
4 written by Blaine Cartwright-Blag
7, 9 written by Blaine Cartwright-Tracy Almazan
12 written by Keith Clark-Greg Heston-Keith Morris
14 written by Rick Derringer
16 written by Turbonegro
17 written by Daniel Dee Snider
18 written by Danny Joe Brown-Dave Hlubek-Banner Thomas
Produced by David Barrick

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