NATE JAMES 「Set The Tone」

NATE JAMES 「Set The Tone」

 1.Said I'd Show You
 2.The Message
 3.Get This Right
 5.Set The Tone
 6.Funky Love feat. CARMEN REECE
 7.Justify Me
 8.I Don't Wanna Fight
 9.I'll Decline feat. DAWN ROBINSON
11.Can't Stop
12.Shake Out

1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 12 Produced by Peter-John Vettese
4 Produced by Eg
5, 6, 8, 10 11 Produced by David Brant

NATE JAMES 「Kingdom Falls」

ネイト・ジェームス 「キングダム・フォールズ」

 1.Outta My Head
 2.Back To You
 4.You Got It Wrong Introlude
 5.High Times
 6.Ruminate Part 1
 7.Kingdom Falls
 9.See You 'Round
11.Ruminate Part 2
12.S M F
13.Thinking 'Bout You feat. VULA
14.Just Say Yes
15.La Dreamin'
16.Justify Me(Acoustic Version)<Japan Only Bonus Track>

Produced by Danny S.
2 Produced by Pete "Boxta" Martin
3 Produced by Mark Hill
7 Produced by Jarod Rogers
8 Produced by Eg White On Behalf
9 Produced by Hildebrand/Badzura
13 Produced by Jamey Jazz

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