NED DOHENY 「Hard Candy」

ネッド・ドヒニー 「ハード・キャンディ」

 1.Get It Up For Love
 2.If You Should Fall
 3.Each Time You Pray
 4.When Love Hangs In The Balance
 5.A Love Of Your Own
 6.I've Got Your Number
 7.On The Swing Shift
 8.Sing To Me
 9.Valentine(I Was Wrong About You)

Produced by Steve Cropper

NED DOHENY 「Life After Romance」

ネッド・ドヒニー 「ライフ・アフター・ロマンス」

 1.Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?(N.Doheny & H.Stuart)
 2.Love's A Heartache(N.Doheny)
 3.'Til Kingdom Come(N.Doheny & P. Upton)
 4.Follow Your Heart(N.Doheny)
 5.Back To The World(N.Doheny)
 6.Heartbreak In The Making(N.Doheny & R.Ford)
 7.Can't Help But Love Her(N.Doheny)
 8.Life After Romance(N.Doheny)

Produced by Ned Doheny & Michael B.

NED DOHENY 「Love Like Ours」

ネッド・ドヒニー 「ラヴ・ライク・アワーズ」

 1.Love Like Ours(instrumental)
 2.The Secret Society Of Women
 3.Touched By Love
 4.True Survivor
 5.When Hearts Collide(Sad Eyes)
 6.Perish The Thought
 7.Who Do You Love?
 8.Before I Thrill Again
 9.Love Like Ours
10.A Blue Moon Rising

All songs written by Ned Doheny
except 10 written by Ned Doheny & Pat Upton

Produced by Ned Doheny

NED DOHENY 「Postcards From Hollywood」

ネッド・ドヒニー 「ポストカーズ・フロム・ハリウッド」

 1.Postcards From Hollywood
 2.If You Should Fall
 4.Get It Up For Love
 5.Whatcha Gonna Do For Me?
 6.Valentine(I Was Wrong About You)
 7.A Love Of Your Own

All songs written by Ned Doheny
except 5, 7 written by Ned Doheny/Hamish Stuart
Produced by Ned Doheny

DOHENY 「Between Two Worlds」

ネッド・ドヒニー 「トゥー・ワールズ」

 1.Never Too Far To Fall(Ned Doheny-Hamis Stuat)
 2.Between Two Worlds(Ned Doheny)
 3.Too Late For Love(Ned Doheny)
 4.I Will Let You Go(Ned Doheny)
 5.Ghost Dancer(Lyrics by Ned Doheny/Music by Jimmy Zitro)
 6.Trail's End(Ned Doheny)
 7.Love In The Rear-View Mirror(Ned Doheny)
 8.Diary Of A Fool(Alan Gorrie)
 9.Down To My Last Dream(Ned Doheny)
10.For All The Good It Might Do(Ned Doheny

Produced by Ned Doheny

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