NEKO CASE 「Fox Confessor Brings The Flood」

ニーコ・ケース 「キツネにつままれたニーコ」

 1.Margaret Vs.Pauline
 2.Star Witness
 3.Hold On, Hold On
 4.A Widow's Toast
 5.That Teenage Feeling
 6.Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
 7.John Saw That Number
 8.Dirty Knife
 9.Lion's Jaws
10.Maybe Sparrow
11.At Last
12.The Needle Has Landed
13.Soulful Shade Of Blue(Live)<Bonus Track for Japan>
14.Train From Kansas City(Live)<Bonus Track for Japan>
15.Blacklisted(Live)<Bonus Track for Japan>

All Songs Written by Neko Case
3, 9, 12 Written by Neko Case/The Sadies
6 Written by Neko Case/Paul Rigby
7 Traditional/Neko Case
13 Written by Buffy Sainte-Marie
14 Written by Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwich
Produced by Neko Case and Darryl Neudorf

NEKO CASE 「Middle Cyclone」

ニーコ・ケース 「ミドル・サイクロン」

 1.This Tornado Loves You
 2.The Next Time You Say “Forever”
 3.People Got A Lotta Nerve
 4.Polar Nettles
 5.Vengeance Is Sleeping
 6.Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
 7.Middle Cyclone
 9.Magpie To The Morning
10.I’m An Animal
11.Prison Girls
12.Don’t Forget Me
13.The Pharaohs
14.Red Tide
15.Marais La Nuit

All Songs Written by Neko Case
6 Written by Ron Mael
12 Written by Harry Nilsson
13 Written by N.Case/The Sadies

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