1.Hey Pocky Way(Art Neville/Leo Nocentelli/George Porter/Joseph Modeliste)
 2.Sweet Honey Dripper(Art Neville)
 3.Fire On The Bayou(Art Neville/Leo Nocentelli/George Porter/Joseph Modeliste/Cyril Neville)
 4.The Ten Commandments Of Love(M.Paul)
 5.Sitting In Limbo(Jimmy Cliff/Guilly Bright-Plummer)
 6.Brother John/Iko Iko(Cyril Neville/Earl King)
 7.Mona Lisa(Ray Evans/Joy Livingston)
 8.Run Joe(J.Willoughby/L.Jordan/Dr.W.Merrick)

Produced by Joel Dorn


ネヴィル・ブラザーズ 「イエロー・ムーン」

 1.My Blood(C.Neville, D.Johnson, G.Neville, C.Moore, W.Green)
 2.Yellow Moon(A.Neville, J,Neville)
 3.Fire And Brimstone(L.Wray)
 4.Change Is Gonna Come(S.Cooke)
 5.Sister Rosa(C.Neville, D.Johnson, C.Moore, C.Neville,Jr., L.Neville, J.Neville)
 6.With God On Our Side(B.Dylan)
 7.Wake Up(C.Neville, B.Stoltz, A.Hall, W.Green)
 8.Voodoo(A.Neville, A.Neville, C.Neville, C.Neville, B.Stoltz, W.Green, D.Johnson)
 9.The Ballad Of Hollis Brown(B.Dylan)
10.Will The Circle Be Unbroken(A.P.Carter)
11.Healing Chant(C.Neville, C.Neville, W.Green, A.Hall, A.Neville, A.Neville, B.Stoltz)
12.Wild Injuns(C.Neville, A.Hall, A.Neville,B.Stoltz, A.Neville, C.Neville)

Produced by Daniel Lanois.


ネヴィル・ブラザーズ 「ブラザーズ・キーパー」

 1.Brother Blood(Charles eville, Ron Cuccia)
 2.Brother Jake(Aaron Joel, Cyril, Art & Charles Neville, Willie Green, Tony Hall, Renard Poche)
 3.Steer Me Right(Aaron Joel, Cyril, Art & Charles Neville, Willie Green, Tony Hall, Malcolm Burn)
 4.Fearless(Gary Nicholson, Wally Wilson, Brian Stoltz)
 5.Sons And Daughters(Art Neville, Malcolm Burn, Lorraine Neville, Arthel Nevill, Ian Nevill)
 6.Fallin' Rain(Link Wray)
 7.Jah Love(Cyril Neville, Bono)
 8.River Of Life(Cyril Neville, Daryl Johnson, Brian Stolz)
 9.Witness(Cyril Neville, Hack Bartholomew, Willie Green)
10.My Brother's Keeper(Aaron Joel, Cyril, Art & Charles Neville, Willie Green, Tony Hall)
11.Sons And Daughters(Reprise)(Art Neville, Malcolm Burn, Lorraine Neville, Arthel Nevill, Ian Nevill)
12.Mystery Train(Sam Phillips, Herman Parker)
13.Bird On A Wire(Leonard Cohen)

Produced by Malcolm Burn and The Neville Brothers
8 Produced by Steve Jordan and The Neville Brothers
13 Produced by David A. Stewart


ネヴィル・ブラザース 「ファミリー・グルーヴ」

 1.Fly Like An Eagle(Miller)
 2.One More Day(Wolinski, Cyril & Gaynielle Neville)
 3.I Can See It In Your Eyes(Aaron & Ivan Neville)
 4.Day To Day Thing(Roy, Thiele, Valentine)
 5.Line Of Fire(Neville/Kolb/Sheefel/Romaine/CUccia)
 6.Take Me To Heart(Neville,Foreman)
 7.It Takes More(Roy, Thiele, Valentine)
 8.Family Groove(Neville, Tillman, Neville, Kolb)
 9.True Love(Neville, Johnson, Wolinski)
10.On The Other Side Of Paradise(Neville, Neville, Kolb)
11.Let My People Go(Roy, Thiele, Valentine)
12.Saxafunk(Neville, Wolinski)
13.Maori Chant(Public Domain)
14.Good Song(Roy, Thiele, Valentine)

Produced by The Neville Brothers, Hawk Wolinski and David Leonard



 1.Shake Your Tambourine(Gerald Tillman)
 2.Voodoo(Aaron Neville, Art Neville, Cyril Neville, Charles Neville, Willie Green, Brian Stoltz, Tony Hall)
 3.The Dealer(Art Neville, Lisa Rhodes, Arthel Neville, Ian Neville)
 4.Junk Man(Frank Loesser, Joseph Meyer)
 5.Brother Jake(Aaron Neville, Art Neville, Charles Neville, Cyril Neville, Joel Neville, Renard Poche, Willie Green, Tony Hall)
 6.Sister Rosa(Cyril Neville, Cyril Neville, Jr., Liryca Neville, Jason Neville, Charles Moore, Daryl Johnson)
 7.YelLow Moon(Aaron Neville, Joel Neville)
 8.Her African Eyes(Charles Neville, Ramsey McLean)
 9.Sands Of Time(Charles Neville)
10.Congo Square(Sonny Landreth)
11.Love The One You're With/You Can't Always Get What You Want(Stephen Stills/Mick Jaeer, Keith Richards)
12.Let My People Go/Get Up Stand Up(Phil Roy, Bob Thiele,Jr., Billy Valentine/Bob Marley, Peter Tosh)
13.Amazing Grace(P.D., Arranged by Aaro Neville)
14.One Love/People Get Ready/Sermon(Bob Marley/Curtis Mayfield)

THE NEVILLE BROTHERS 「Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin/All My Relations」

THE NEVILLE BROTHERS 「Mitakuye Oyasin Oyasin/All My Relations」

 1.Love Spoken Here(Russ Kunkel & Jim Cregan)
 2.The Sound(Art Neville, Cyril Neville, Gaynielle Neville, Lorraine Neville & Vincent Nguini)
 3.Holy Spirit(Cyril Neville, Gaynielle Neville, Norman Caesar & Herman Hackett Bartholomew)
 4.Soul To Soul(Dillon O'Brian)
 5.Whatever You Do(Cyril Neville, Gaynielle Neville & Ramsey McLean)
 6.Saved By The Grace Of Your Love(Mike Reid & Lee Roy Parnell)
 7.You're Gonna Make Your Momma Cry(Aaron Neville & Pamela Brown Hayes)
 8.Fire On A Mountain(Robert Hunter & Mickey Hart)
 9.Ain't No Sunshine(Bill Withers)
10.Orisha Dance(Charles Neville)
11.Sacred Ground(Charles Neville & Kristin Neville)

Produced by James Stroud & The Neville Brothers


ネヴィル・ブラザーズ 「ヴァレンス・ストリート」

 1.Over Africa(Gretchen Peters)
 2.Utterly Beloved(Cyril Neville and Tommy Sims)
 3.Little Piece Of Heaven(Eddie Chacon and Josh Deutsch)
 4.Valence Street(Charles Neville)
 5.If I Had A Hammer(Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes)
 6.Until We Meet Again(Charles Neville, Kathleen Kobrin and Saya Saito)
 7.The Dealer(Art Neville, Lisa Rhodes, Arthel Neville and Ian Neville)
 8.Mona Lisa(N.Jean) feat. WYCLEF JEAN
 9.Dimming Of The Day(Richard Thompson)
10.Real Funk(Art NEville, Nick Daniels, Eric Kolb and Earl Smith)
11.Give Me A Reason(Ernie and Earl Cate)
12.Tears(Tommy Sims, Charles Neville and Cyril Neville)

Produced by The Neville Brothers
except 8 Produced by Wyclef Jean/Co-Produiced by Jerry "Te Bass" Duplessis

AARON NEVILLE 「Tell It Like It Is」

AARON NEVILLE 「Tell It Like It Is」

 1.Tell It Like It Is(Lee Diamond, George Davis)
 2.Why Worry(Lee Diamond, George Davis)
 3.She Took You For A Ride(Lee Diamond, George Davis)
 4.Hard Nut To Crack(Lee Diamond, George Davis)
 5.You Think You're So Smart(George Davis)
 6.Jailhouse(Aaron Neville)
 7.Bet You're Surprised(George Davis, Tyler, Parker)
 8.Love, Love, Love(George Davis)
 9.Since You're Gone(George Davis)
10.Space Man(Fred Caliste)
11.Hold On, Help Is On The Way(George Davis, "Red" Tyler, Tyler, Davis, Parker)
12.Those Three Words(Cyril Neville, George Davis)

Produced by Par-Lo Enterprises, Inc.
Arranged and Conducted by George Davis

AARON NEVILLE 「Warm Your Heart」

アーロン・ネヴィル 「ウォーム・ユア・ハート」

 1.Louisiana 1927(Randy Newman)
 2.Everybody Plays The Fool(R.Clark/J.R.Bailey/K.Williams)
 3.It Feels Like Rain(John Hiatt)
 4.Somewhere, Somebody(Andrew Kastner/Larry McNally/Max Gronenthal)
 5.Don't Go, Please Stay(Burt Bacharacj/Bob Hilliard)
 6.With You In Mind(Allen Toussaint)
 7.That's The Way She Loves(Allen Toussaint)
 8.Angola Bound(Aaron Neville/Charles Neville)
 9.Close Your Eyes(Chuck Willis)
10.Vie Dansante(Jimmy Buffett/Micharl Utley/Will Jennings)
11.Warm Your Heart(Tom Dowd/Jerry Wexler/Ahmet Ertegun)
12.I Bid You Goodnight(P.D.: Arranged by Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville)
13.Ave Maria(P.D.: Arranged by Linda Ronstadt)

Produced by Linda Ronstadt and George Maassenburg
except 2 Produced by Linda Ronstadt, George Maassenburg & Russell Kunkel

AARON NEVILLE 「The Grand Tour」

アーロン・ネヴィル 「ザ・グランド・トゥアー」

 1.Don't Take Away My Heaven(Diane Warren)
 2.I Owe You One(Jon Lind/Wendy Weldman/Phil Galdston)
 3.Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight(Bob Dylan)
 4.My Brother, My Brother(Phil Roy/Bob Thiele, Jr./Davey Farager)
 5.Betcha By Golly, Wow(Linda Creed/Thom Bell)
 6.Song Of Bernadette(Leonard Cohen/Jennifer Warnes/Bill Elliott)
 7.You Never Can Tell(Chuck Berry)
 8.The Bells(Elgie Stover/Marvin Gaye/Anna Gordy Gaye/Iris Gordy)
 9.These Foolish Things(Holt Marvell/Jack Strachey/Harry Link) 
10.The Roadie Song(aaron Neville)
11.Ain't No Way(Carolyn Franklin)
12.The Grand Tour(George Richey/Carmol Taylor/Norris Wilson)
13.The Lord's Prayer)(Alfred Malotte)
14.Ronnie-O(Tom Snow/Gerry Goffin)

Produced by Steve Lindsey

AARON NEVILLE 「The Tattooed Heart」

AARON NEVILLE 「The Tattooed Heart」

 1.Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You(The Rain Song)(Diane Warren)
 2.Show Some Emotion(Brock Walsh/Greg Prestopino/Andrew Gold)
 3.Everyday Of My Life(Sharon Robinson)
 4.Down Into Muddy Water(Dennis Linde)
 5.Some Days Are Made For Rain(Jon Lind/Phil Galdston)
 6.Try(A Little Harder)(Holly Knight/Mike Chapman)
 7.Beautiful Night(Matthew Wilder/Greg Prestopino)
 8.My Precious Star(Bruce Roberts/Franne Golde)
 9.Why Should I Fall In Love(Brock Walsh/Phil Galdston)
10.Use Me(Bill Withers)
11.For The Good Times(Kris Kristofferson)
12.In Your Eyes(Aaron Neville, Pa,ela Heyes)
13.A Little Thing Called Life(Linda Thompson/Steve Dorff)
13.Crying In The Chapel(artie Glen)

Produced by Steve Lindsey
except 9, 11, 12Produced by Steve Lindsey and Keith Stegall


 1.Say What's In My Heart(Babyface and Diane Warren)
 2.Just To Be With You(Marc Nelson, Darrell Spencer and Court Converse)
 3.Sweet Amelia(Aaron Neville, Gordon Chambers, Robbie Nevil and Bradley Spalter)
 4....To Make Me Who I Am(Aaron Neville, Gordon Chambers, Robbie Nevil and Bradley Spalter)
 5.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face(Ewan MacColl)
 6.Yes, I Love You(Marc Nelson and Darrell Spencer)
 7.Your Sweet And Smiling Eyes(Aaron Neville, Gordon Chambers, Robbie Nevil and Bradley Spalter)
 8.I Can't Change The Way You Don't Feel(Dianne Warren)
 9.Please Remember Me(Rodney Crowell and Will Jennings)
10.What Did I Do(To Deserve You)(James Dean Hicks, Andy Goldmark and Jamie Houston)
11.God Made You For Me(Aaron Neville, Bradley Spalter and Emanuel Officer)
12.Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue(Aaron Neville)

1 Produced by Keith Andes
2, 6 Produced by Marc Nelson
3, 4 Produced by Robbie Nevil and Bradley
5, 10 Produced by Tony Rich
7, 11 Produced by Bradley
8 Produced by Aaron Neville and Khris Kellow
9 Produced by Linda Ronstadt and George Massenburg
12 Producd by aaron Neville and Mark Mazzentti


 1.Mary Don't You Weep
 2.Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine
 3.Banks Of The River Jordan
 4.What Would Jesus Do?
 5.Singing You A Prayer Duet with IVAN NEVILLE
 6.There Is Still A Dream Duet with RACHEL LAMPA
 7.By Heart, By Soul Guest Vocals by AVALON
 8.Bridge Over Troubled Water
 9.Morning Has Broken
10.Were You There?
11.Jesus Loves Me
12.I Shall Be Released

Produced by Steve Lindsey and Aaron Neville
5 Produced by Ivan Neville & Marty Grebb
6 Produced by Rick Elias
7 Produced by Brown Bannister



 1.Steer Me Right
 2.Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
 4.If I Had A Hammer
 5.Gotta Serve Somebody
 6.Oh Happy Day
 7.Ave Maria
 8.Let Go
 9.What A Friend We Have In Jesus
10.A Change Is Gonna Come
12.Going Home
13.Amazing Grace

Produced by Barry Beckett and Aaron Neville
7, 13 Produced by Aaron & Art Neville
11 Prooduced by Steve Lindsey & Aaron Neville

AARON NEVILLE 「Nature Boy: The Standards Album」

AARON NEVILLE 「Nature Boy: The Standards Album」

 1.Summertime(George Gershwin-Ira Gershwin)
 2.Blame It On My Youth(Oscar Levant-Edward Heyman)
 3.The Very Thought Of You(Ray Noble)
 4.The Shadow Of Your Smile(Johnny Mandel-Paul Francis Webster)
 5.Cry Me A River(Arthur Hamilton)
 6.Nature Boy(Eden Ahbez)
 7.Who Will Buy?(Lionel Bart)
 8.Come Rain Or Come Shine(Harolod Arlen-Johnny Mercer)
 9.Our Love Is Here To Stay(George Gershwin-Ira Gershwin)
10.In The Still Of The Night(Cole Porter)
11.Since I Fell For You(Buddy Johnson)
12.Danny Boy(Frederick Edward Weatherly)

Produced, Arranged, and Conducted by Rob Mounsey
Co-Produced by Aaron Neville


アイヴァン・ネヴィル 「サンクス」

 1.Same Old World(Ivan Neville)
 2.Don't Cry Now(Ivan Neville)
 3.Hell To Tell(Ivan Neville, Reggie Cummings, Gerald Tilman)
 4.Get Away(Ivan Neville, Bobi Floyd, Carl Morrison)
 5.Stay What You Are(Ivan Neville, Bobi Floyd, Sly Stone)
 6.So The World Can Dance(Ivan Neville, Val McCallum, Michael Barsemento)
 7.Oh Now(Ivan Neville)
 8.Let it Go(Ivan Neville)
 9.Never Grow Up(Ivan Neville, Daryl Johnson)
10.Meet Up With You(Ivan Neville, Kevin Walsh)
11.Fool For Design(Ivan Neville)
12.Thanks(Ivan Neville)
13.Padlock(Gerald Tillman)<Bonus Track>
14.Animal Antics(Ivan Neville)<Bonus Track>

Produced by Rob Fraboni, Ivan Neville & George G. Recile
Co-Produced by Charley Drayton & Babi Floyd

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