NEW YORK VOICES 「New York Voices」

ニューヨーク・ヴォイセス 「ニューヨーク・ヴォイセス・デビュー!」

 1.National Amnesia(Music by Darmon Meader/Lyrics by Darmon Meader and Sara Krieger)
 2.Caravan(Duke Ellington, Juan Tizol, Irving Mills/Additional Music and Lyrics by Darmon Meader and Peter Eldridge)
 3.Top Secret(Music by Russell Ferrante and Jimmy Haslip/Lyrics by Caprice Fox)
 4.Dare The Moon(Music by Darmon Meader/Lyrics by Darmon Meader, Sara Krieger and Caprice Fox)
 5.Now Or Never(Music by Darmon Meader/Lyrics by Peter Eldridge, Caprice Fox, Sara Krieger, Darmon Meader and Kim Nazarian)
 6.Who Knows?(Music by Caprice Fox and Jon Werking/Lyrics by Caprice Fox)
 7.Street Party(Written by Peter Eldridge)
 8.Baroque Samba(Music by Darmon Meader)
 9.'Round Midnight(Music by Cootie Williams and Thelonious Monk/Lyrics by Bernie Hanighen)
10.Come Home(Music by Peter Eldridge/Lyrics by Peter Eldridge and Susan Smith)

Produced by Micharl Abene

NEW YORK VOICES 「Hearts Of Fire」

ニューヨーク・ヴォイセス 「ハーツ・オブ・ファイアー」

 1.That's The Way Of The World(Maurice White/Verdine White/Charles Stepney)
 2.Giants Steps(John Coltrane/Lyrics by Peter Eldridge & Kim Nazarian added with permission)
 3.Too High(Stevie Wonder)
 4.Now That Tha Love Is Over(Music by Darmon Meader/Lyrics by Darmon Meader, Kim Nazarian, Sara Kreiger, Caprice Fox)
 5.Stolen Moments(Music by Oliver Nelson/Lyrics by Mark Murphy)
 6.Sign Of Spring(Music by Darmon Meader/Lyrics by Darmon Meader, Kim Nazarian/Portuguese Lyrics by Cecilia Engelhart)
 7.Sweet Delay(Peter Eldridge)
 8.Sassy Samba(Music by Jimmy Heath/Lyrics by Caprice Fox,Sara Kreiger, Darmon Meader)
 9.Cotton Tail(Music by Duke Ellington/Lyrics by John Hendricks)
10.Soon One Day(Music by Caprice Fox, Robert Sadin, Darmon Meader/Lyrics by Caprice Fox, Peter Chwazik, Robert Sadin)

Produced by Leon Pendarvis & Robert Sadin
except 3, 4, 8 Produced by Leon Pendarvis

NEW YORK VOICES 「What's Inside」

NEW YORK VOICES 「What's Inside」

 1.All Blues(Davis, Eldridge, Nazarian)
 2.Do You Wanna Know What I Want?(Kinhan, Nelson)
 3.Ain't No Sunshine(Withers)
 4.Oh, Lady Be Good(G.Gershwin, I.Gershwin) A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
 5.Skin(Fox, Ezrin, Gray, Cobrin)
 6.Silence Of Time(Fox)
 7.Traffic Jam(J.Taylor)
 8.Open Invitation(Meader, Kinhan)
 9.Forever Workin' It Out(Eldridge, Meader)
10.The Sultan Fainted(Meader, Eldrige)
11.Prelude/Interlude(Eldridge, Fox)

Produced by Jeffrey Lesser
9 Co-Produced with Jerry Barnes & Katreese Barnes

NEW YORK VOICES 「New York Voices Sing The Song Of Paul Simon」

NEW YORK VOICES 「New York Voices Sing The Song Of Paul Simon」

 1.Baby Driver
 3.One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor
 4.So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
 5.Loves Me Like A Rock
 6.Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
 7.St.Judy's Comet
 8.Punky's Dilemma
10.Mother And Child Reunion
11.I Do It For Your Love
12.Still Crazy After All These Years
13.Why Don't You Write Me?
14.Old Friends/ Bookends

All Words & Music by Paul Simon
Produced by Joel Moss

NEW YORK VOICES 「Sing! Sing! Sing!」

NEW YORK VOICES 「Sing! Sing! Sing!」

 1.Sing, Sing, Sing(Louis Prima; lyrics: Peter Eldrige and Dermon Meader)
 2.I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me(Clarence Gaskill-Jimmy McHugh)
 3.Smack Dab In The Middle(Charles Calhoun; add.lyrics: L.Kinhan & D.Meader)
 4.Early Autumn(Ralph J. Burns-Woddy Herman-Johnny Mercer; lyrics adapted by Darmon Meader)
 5.Bli Blip(Edward Kennedy Ellington-Sid Kuller; add. lyrics by Dermon Meader)
 6.Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens(Alex C. Kmarer-Joan Whitneyr; add. lyrics by Dermon Meader)
 7.Save Your Love For MeWoodrow "Buddy" Jonhnson)
 8.Orange Colored Sky(Milton DeLugg-William Stein)
 9.Hallelujah, I Love Her So(Ray Charles)
10.Cloudburst(James Richard Harris-Jon Hendricks-Claude Kirkland)
11.Stardust(Hoagy Carmichael-Mitchell Parish)
12.Don't Be That Way(Benny Goodman-Mitchell Parish-Edgar Sampson: Add. lyrics by P.Eldridge-L.Kinhan-D.Maeder-K.Nazarian)
13.In A Mellow Tone(Edward Kennedy Ellington-Milton Gabler-Jon Hendricks; Add. lyrics by P.Eldridge-L.Kinhan-D.Maeder-K.Nazarian)
14.I'll Be Seeing You(Sammy Fain-Irving Kahal)

Produced by Elliot Scheiner

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