ニック・デ・カロ&オーケストラ 「ハッピー・ハート」

 1.Happy Heart(Jackie Rae-James Last)
 2.Lullaby From Rosemary's Baby(Christopher Komeda)
 3.Hey Jude(Lennon, McCartney)
 4.I'll Forget You(Chall-Ha-Dichal)(Frank Pourcel-Bill Owens)
 5.Love Is All 6.Quiet Sunday(Nick De Caro)
 7.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da(Mort Garson)
 8.I'm Gonna Make You Love Me(Gamble, Rose)
 9.Amy's Theme(John's Sebastian)
10.Caroline, No(Brian Wilson-Tony Asher)
11.If I Only Had Time(Je N'Aurai Pas le Temps)(Fugain-Delanoe-Fishman)

Produced by Tommy Lipuma and Nick De Caro

NICK DeCARO 「Italian Graffiti」

ニック・デカロ 「イタリアン・グラフィティ」

 1.Under The Jamaican Moon(S.H.Bishop-L.Kunkel)
 2.Happier Than The Morning Sun(Stevie Wonder)
 3.Tea For Two(I.Caesar-V.Youmans)
 4.All I Want(Joni Mitchell)
 5.Wailing Wall(Todd Rundgren)
 6.Angie Girl(H.Cosby-S.Mays-S.Wonder)
 7.Getting Mighty Crowded(Van McCoy)
 8.While The City Sleeps(Randy Newman)
 9.Canned Music(Dan Hicks)

Produced by Tommy Lipuma and Nick DeCaro

NICK DE CARO 「Love Storm」

ニック・デカロ 「ラヴ・ストーム」

 1.Love Storm(Sprinkler)(Tats Yamashita - English lyrics by Alan O'day)
 2.Touch Me Lightly(Chris Mosdell - Tats Yamashita)
 3.Silent Night Lonely Night(Christmas Eve)(Tats Yamashita - English lyrics by Nick De Caro and Sharon Milan)
 4.Every Night(Alan O'Day - Tats Yamashita)
 5.Great Communicator(for Tats)
 6.Theme From Big Wave(Alan O'Day - Tats Yamashita)
 7.Only With You(Alan O'Day - Tats Yamashita)
 8.The Girl In White(Alan O'Day - Tats Yamashita)
 9.Love Magic(Nick De Caro)

Produced by Neil Oda

NICK DE CARO 「Private Ocean」

ニック・デカロ 「プライベート・オーシャン」

 1.Nevertheless(Bert Kalmer, Harry Ruby)
 2.Well Of Loneliness(Nick DeCaro)
 3.Saying Hello(Nick DeCaro)
 4.Up All Night(Nick DeCaro)
 5.Bound To Please(Nick DeCaro)
 6.Give Me A Sign(Nick DeCaro)
 7.Mad About You Blues(Nick DeCaro)
 8.Play That Game(Nick DeCaro)
 9.Reach Out(I Won't Be There)(Nick DeCaro)

All Songs Arranged by Nick DeCaro
Produced by Tetsu Hoshika and Nick DeCaro

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ