NICO 「Chelsea Girl」

ニコ 「チェルシー・ガール」

 1.The Fairest Of The Seasons(Copeland/Browne)
 2.These Days(Jackson Browne)
 3.Little Sister(Cale/Reed)
 4.Winter Song(Cale/Reed)
 5.It Was A Pleasure Then(Nico/Cale/Reed)
 6.Chelsea Girls(Reed/Morrison)
 7.I'll Keep It With Mine(B.Dylan)
 8.Somewhere There's A Feather(Jackson Browne)
 9.Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams(John Cale)
10.Eulogy To Lenny Bruce (Tim Hardin)

Produced by Tom Wilson

NICO 「In Tokyo」

ニコ 「イン・トーキョー」

 1.My Heart Is Empty
 2.Purple Lips
 4.Janitor Of Lunacy
 5.You Forget To Answer
 7.My Funny Valentine
 8.All Tomorrows Parties
 9.Das Lied Einsanen Madchens
10.Femme Fatal
11.The End
12.Win A Few<Bonus Track>

NICO 「Innocent & Vain - An Introducing To Nico」

NICO 「Innocent & Vain - An Introducing To Nico」

 1.I'll Keep It With Mine
 2.All Tomorrow's Parties (Alternative Single Voice Version)
 3.You Forgot To Answer
 4.Wrap your Troubles In Dreams
 5.Valley of The Kings
 6.Femme Fatal
 7.Eulogy To Lenny Bruce
 8.Secret Side
10.It Was A Pleasure Then
11.Innocent & Vain
12.The End (Live)

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ