NINJAMAN 「Bounty Hunter」

ニンジャマン 「バウンティ・ハンター」

 1.Last Of The Warning
 2.Cowboy Town with GREGORY ISSACS
 3.Set Me Free with GREGORY ISSACS
 4.Number One
 5.Permit To Bury
 6.Things A Gwan
 7.Dis De Don
 8.Count The Gun Dem
 9.Serious Time with ADMIRAL TIBET
10.Sound Death
11.Run Taxi<Bonus Track for Japan>
12.Verdict<Bonus Track for Japan>
13.Don Gorgon Sound<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon

NINJAMAN 「Ting A Ling A Ling A School Pickney Sing Ting」

NINJAMAN 「Ting A Ling A Ling A School Pickney Sing Ting」

 1.Ting A Ling A Ling A School Pickney Sing Ting
 5.Tings Get Worse
11.Bring In The Gun
12.Love Rushing

All track written by D.Ballentine/J.Reid
Produced by Junior Reid

NINJAMAN 「Original Front Tooth Gold Tooth Gun Pon Tooth Don Gorgon!」

NINJAMAN 「Original Front Tooth Gold Tooth Gun Pon Tooth Don Gorgon!」

 1.Return - Father & Son
 2.Put It Down
 3.Bad Grandad
 4.Gun Bogle
 6.Two White Rat
 8.Like A Virgin
10.Woman Of Samaria
11.Come Out Of The Church
12.Woman Get Set

NINJAMAN 「Run Come Test」

ニンジャマン 「ラン・カム・テスト」

 1.Run Come Test
 2.Kingston Hot feat. COCOA TEA
 3.DJ Examination
 4.Order You Baby Clothes feat. DISTRUCTION
 5.My Mother
 6.Disarm Them
 7.Love feat. NAZZY
 9.What Make U A Man
10.Take Bill Clinton

All songs by Desmond Balentine
Produced by Henry "Junjo" Lawes

NINJAMAN 「Boo Yakka! Boo Yakka!!」

NINJAMAN 「Boo Yakka! Boo Yakka!!」

 1.Disarm Them
 2.Go Put It Down
 3.This Girl Is Mine with COCOA TEA
 5.Education '94
 6.Gun Fi Bun with NINJA FORD
 7.How Master God World A Run
 8.Mi Easy
 9.Leff Him
10.Reality(Part 2)
11.Pon Mi Mind with NAZZY
12.Woman A 'U' Ways
13.Matie with SANDY STAR
14.Sweeter Ways with LORRAINE

Produced by Henry "JUNJO" Lawes

NINJAMAN 「Pon Mi Mind」

ニンジャマン 「ポン・マイ・マインド」

 1.Pon Mi Mind
 2.Keep The Faith
 3.Saddle & Whip
 4.Check Out
 5.Pose Up
 6.Which Gun Bag
 7.Married Mi Gun
 9.Ten Commandments Of Woman

NINJAMAN 「Hollow Point Bad Boy...」

 NINJAMAN 「Hollow Point Bad Boy...」   ニンジャマン 「アンダーグラウンド」
<GRELCD207>   <YHR1106>

 1.Hollow Point Bad Boy
 2.Hold Me
 3.Write Your Will
 4.Free Paper Bun
 5.World Dance
 6.Funeral Again
 7.Bad Publicity
 9.Nuh Badda Trust Dem with TINGA STEWART
10.Five Donkey Mile
11.Bad Boy Nuh Cub Scout with BOUNTY KILLER
12.Tiger No Dead
13.Bingo Game
14.Wap Dem Bubba

 1.Bingo Game
 2.Funeral Again
 3.Bad Boy No Cub Scout with BOUNTY KILLER
 4.Free Paper Bun
 5.Nuh Badda Trust Dem with TINGA STEWART
 6.World Dance
 8.Bad Publicity
 9.Hold Me
10.Wap Dem Bubba
11.Write You Will
12.Five Donkey Mile
13.Hallow Point Bad Boy
14.Tiger No Dead

Produced by King Jammy

NINJAMAN 「On The Road Again」

ニンジャマン 「オン・ザ・ロード・アゲイン」

 1.Roof Up Above
 2.Eyes Of The People
 3.Bung It All To Jesus
 5.Loving Time
 6.Right And Know
 7.Bible A Go Through
 8.Nice And Slow with GLEN RICKS
 9.Wrinkle And Screw(New Jamaica Album Mix)
10.Walk That Road
11.War Zone with MARCILESS
12.On The Road Again

Produced by Banny Gemini

NINJAMAN 「Returns」

ニンジャマン 「リターンズ〜忍者復活!!」

 1.My Experience with RITCHIE STEPHENS
 2.Born Serial Killer
 3.War, War
 5.Weep & Moan
 6.Bad Man
 7.Matter of Time
 8.Beam Up
 9.Hype Typey
12.Japanese Slang

All trakcks written by Desmond Ballentine a.k.a. NINJAMAN
                with Sly Dunbar, Herbie Harris, Lloyd "Gitsy" Willis, Dave Heywood, Leroy HeyWood
1 by D.Rasheed, A.Ivey Jr., L.Saunders, S.Wonder
4 Antonio Romero Momge, R.Ruiz

NINJAMAN 「Settle All Score」

ニンジャマン 「復讐するは我にあり」

 1.I'm Shocked(Remix)
 2.Send Dem Core
 3.Ain't No Looking Back
 4.More Blood Than Water feat. NINJA FORD
 5.Setttle All Score
 6.Seem To Me
 7.Gun to Rest
 8.Bad Man Hooligan
 9.I'm Shocked
10.Hottest Thing In The Place
11.Idolize Man
12.Seven Stars
13.Rize Lazarus
14.Fire Bun Dem
15.Hey Mr. Element
16.More Everytime
17.Lion The Men

Produced by Augustus "Gussie" Clarke

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ