THE JETSET 「The Best Of The Jetset」

THE JETSET 「The Best Of The Jetset」

 1.Do You Wanna Be In The Show?(Bevoir/Levison)
 2.The Man Who Lives Upstairs(Bevoir)
 3.Wednesday Girl(Bevoir)
 4.What Can I Say?(Bevoir)
 5.The Lovers Playground(Bevoir)
 6.The Party Line(Bevoir)
 7.Every Little Moment(Bevoir)
 8.The Jetset Theme(Bevoir)
 9.Judy's Toy Box(Bevoir)
10.Does It Look Like Rain(Bevoir)
11.The Story Of The World(Bevoir)
12.The Other Side Of Joe(Bevoir)
14.The Wheels Of Love(Bevoir)
15.Melvyn And The Smarties(Bevoir)
16.That Girl About Town(Bevoir/Levison)
17.The Flavour Of The Year(Bevoir)
18.Kingdom Come(Bevoir)
19.Happy In My Mind(Bevoir)
20.Sally Warren's Lost Cause(Bevoir)
21.Vaudeville Park(Bevoir)
22.Golden Love(Bevoir)
23.The Money Tree(Bevoir)
24.Everythng Is All We Had(Bevoir)
25.King For A Day(Bevoir)
26.A Smile And A Piece Of Cake(Bevoir)
27.Heaven And Mrs.Winters(Bevoir)

Produced by Paul Bultitude
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Produced by The Jetset
22, 25, 26, 27 Produced by Paul Bevoir


スモールタウン・パレード 「ゲット・ビューティフル」

 1.There's A Girl In My Soup
 2.Watching Mary Go Round
 3.Space Doubt
 4.Hippy Heaven
 5.And Dance On
 6.Life On Clund Eight
 7.Drive A Red Car
 8.The Man Whou Lives Upstairs
 9.Colour My World
10.Get Beautiful

All songs by Paul Bevoir
Produced by James McMillan
2 Produced by Doug Martin
5, 8 Produced by Colin Ryan and Doug Martin


スモールタウン・パレード 「フェイシズ」

 1.Ten Year Train Ride
 2.The Magic Christian
 3.The Candy Maker
 4.Give Us This Day
 5.Houdini Said 6.I'm In The Way Of The World
 7.Missed Me By A Mile
 8.Here Comes Your Life
 9.Honky Tonk Driver
10.You Ought To Know Better

All songs by Paul Bevoir
Produced by Colin Ryan with Doug Martin & Smalltown Parade
except 7 Produced by Smalltown Parade

PUAL BEVOIR 「Damb Angel」

ポール・ベヴォア 「ダム・エンジェル」

 1.Dumb Intro
 2.Changing Places
 3.What The Butler Saw
 4.Jimmy Webb
 6.Maybe Not
 7.One In The Window
 8.I Might Fly Away
 9.Sunday School
10.Somewhere For Matilda
11.Forgive Me
12.One Angel's Tears

All songs by Paul Bevoir
except 5 by Bevoir/Bonin
Produced by Colin Ryan

V.A. 「Sixty/Forty In Your Favour a collection of songs composed by paul bevoir」

V.A. 「シックスティ・フォーティイン・ユア・フェヴァー〜ポール・ベヴォワ作品集〜」

 1.You Can't Hide From The Memories - JACQUI RAWE
 2.Is That What Your Father Said - MARI WILSON
 3.Watching Mary Go Round - SMALLTOWN PARADE
 5.One More Summer Romance - THE JETSET
 6.A Woman's Place - ROY HAMILTON
 7.Get Beautiful - SMALLTOWN PARADE
 8.Don't Ask Ronnie - THEREZE BAZAAR
 9.Jump Back! - DEE WALKER
10.Where Does The World Go - TANIA EVANS
11.The Sunday Way Of Life - SMALLTOWN PARADE
12.Buried In The Sund - ROY HAMILTON
13.One Angel's Tears - PAUL BEVOIR
14.Princess Of Portobello Road - SARAH BROOKS
15.Wednesday Girl - THEJETSET
16.Ten Year Train Ride - SARAG BROOKS
17.Vale Row - PAUL BEVOIR
18.Could Have Been A Sailor - TONY DUKE

All songs by Paul Bevoir
1 by Bevoir/McMillan
8 by Bevoir/Levison

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