FREE 「Fire And Water」

FREE 「Fire And Water」

 1.Fire And Water(Fraser/Rodgers)
 2.Oh I Wept(Rodgers/Kossoff)
 4.Heavy Load(Fraser/Rodgers)
 6.Don't Say You Love Me(Fraser/Rodgers)
 7.All Right Now(Fraser/Rodgers)
8.Oh I Wept(Alternate Vocal Take)<Bonus Track for UICY-9232>
9.Fire And Water(New Stereo Mix)<Bonus Track for UICY-9232>
10.Fire And Water(BBC Session)<Bonus Track for UICY-9232>
11.All Right Now(BBC Session)<Bonus Track for UICY-9232>
12.All Right Now(Single Version)<Bonus Track for UICY-9232>
13.All Right Now(First Version)<Bonus Track for UICY-9232>

Produced by Free

FREE 「Highway」

フリー 「ハイウェイ+6」

 1.Highway Song
 3.On My Way
 4.Be My Friend
 5.Sunny Day
 6.Ride On A Pony
 7.Love You So
 9.Soon I Will Be Gone
10.My Brother Jake(Single)<Bonu Track for UICY-9200>
11.Only My Soul(Single 'B' Side)<Bonu Track for UICY-9200>
12.Ride on a Pony(BBC Session)<Bonu Track for UICY-9200>
13.Be My Friend(BBC Session)<Bonu Track for UICY-9200>
14.Rain(Alternative Version)<Bonu Track for UICY-9200>
15.Stealer(Single Version)<Bonu Track for UICY-9200>

Written by Fraser/Rodgers
2, 15 Fraser/Rodgers/Kossoff
7 Rodgers/Kirke
Produced by Free

FREE 「Free 'Live'」

フリー 「フリー・“ライヴ”」

 1.All Right Now(Fraser/Rodgers)
 2.I'm A Mover(Fraser/Rodgers)
 3.Be My Friend(Fraser/Rodgers)
 4.Fire And Water(Fraser/Rodgers)
 5.Ride On A Pony(Fraser/Rodgers)
 7.The Hunter(Jones/Wells/Jackson/Dunn/Cropper)
 8.Get Where I Belong(Fraser/Rodgers)

Produced by Free & Andy Johns

BAD COMPANY 「Straight Shooter」

BAD COMPANY 「Straight Shooter」

 1.Good Lovin' Gone Bad(Mick Ralphs)
 2.Feel Like Makin' Love(Paul Rodgers/Mick Ralphs)
 3.Weep No More(Simon Kirke)
 4.Shooting Star(Paul Rodgers)
 5.Deal With The Preacher(Paul Rodgers/Mick Ralphs)
 6.Wild Fire Woman(Paul Rodgers/Mick Ralphs)
 7.Anna(Simon Kirke)
 8.Call On Me(Paul Rodgers)

Produced by Bad Company


ポール・ロジャース 「NOW」

 1.Soul Of Love(Paul Rodgers)
 2.Overloaded(Paul Rodgers)
 3.Heart Of Fire(Paul Rodgers)
 4.Saving Grace(Paul Rodgers, Geoff Whitehorn, Neal Schon)
 5.All I Want Is You(Paul Rodgers)
 6.Chasing Shadows(Paul Rodgers)
 7.Love Is All I Need(Paul Rodgers)
 8.Ride My Love(Paul Rodgers, Neal Schon)
 9.Nights Like This(Paul Rodgers)
10.Shadow Of The Sun(Paul Rodgers)
11.I Lost It All(Paul Rodgers)
12.Holding Back The Storm(Paul Rodgers, Andy Rodriguez)

Produced by Paul Rodgers, Eddie Kramer and Dan Priest

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