THE PEBBLES 「Eat The Pebbles」

ペブルス 「イート・ザ・ペブルス」

 1.The Pebbles Twist(The Pebbles)
 2.Ooh! My Soul(R.Penniman)
 3.(I Can't Explain) Gonna Tell Your Man(The Pebbles)
 4.My Trick Bird(The Pebbles)
 6.We Love The Beatles(Beatle Mania Davidson)
 7.Anything At All(The Pebbles)
 8.Hey Bo Diddley(E.McDaniels)
 9.I'm Sitting By The Window(The Pebbles)
10.You Can't Do That(Lennon/McCartney)
11.Do It Now(The Pebbles)
12.The Diner At Midnight(The Pebbles)

Produced by Toshi Nakamura & The Pebbles

THE PEBBLES 「Stomp With The Pebbles」

ザ・ペブルス 「ストンプ・ウィズ・ザ・ペブルス」

 1.Barefoot Ballroom(The Pebbles)
 2.One Track Mind(Colley/Colley)
 3.Hang Around(The Pebbles)
 4.I'm In Love(Lennon/McCartney)
 5.Putty In Your Hands(Patton/Rogers)
 6.Think Aloud(The Pebbles)
 7.I Love You So(E.McDaniels)
 8.Auful Birthday(The Pebbles)
 9.I Walk In The Sand Plain(The Pebbles)
10.Swinging All Day Long(The Pebbles)

Produced by Toshi Nakamura

THE PEBBLES 「Pink Pistachio Candy」

ペブルス 「ピンク・ピスタチオ・キャンディ」

 1.Pink Pistachio Candy(Words/Etsuko, Song/小林ヨシオ)
 2.Look Up The Sky(Words/Etsuko, Song/Nana)
 3.Square Box(Words/Etsuko, Song/Nana&Etsuko)
 4.In Your Room(Words/Etsuko, Song/小林ヨシオ)
 5.Strawberry Farm(Words/Etsuko, Song/Nana)
 6.Eight Of Magic(Words/Etsuko, Song/Etsuko)
 7.Raining(Words/Etsuko, Song/Nana)
 8.Lovely Moment(Words/Etsuko, Song/Nana&Etsuko)
 9.Down Town(Words/Etsuko, Song/小林ヨシオ)
10.Someone Make A Monkey Out Of You(Words/Etsuko, Song/小林ヨシオ)
11.Hide And Seek(Words/Etsuko, Song/小林ヨシオ)

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