THE HERD 「Paradise Lost」

THE HERD 「Paradise Lost」

<Fontana 842 760-2>
 1.From The Underworld(Howard/Blaikley)
 2.On My Way Home(Bown/Frampton)
 3.I Can Fly(Howard/Blaikley)
 4.Goodbye Groovy(Howard/Blaikley)
 5.Mixed Up Minos(Bown/Frampton)
 6.Impression Of Oliver(Bown/Frampton)
 7.Paradise Lost(Howard/Blaikley)
 9.Something Strange(Howard/Blaikley)
10.On Your Own(Frampton)
11.She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not(Bown/Frampton)
12.Fare Thee Well(Steele)
13.Sweet William(Bown/Frampton)
14.Come On, Believe Me(Graham Taylor)
15.I Don't Want Our Loving To Die(Howard/Blaikley)
16.Our Fairy Tale(Bown/Frampton)

<BR MUSIC BO 7015-2>
 1.Paradise Lost(Howard/Blaikley)
 2.From The Underworld(Howard/Blaikley)
 3.I Don't Want Our Loving To Die(Howard/Blaikley)
 4.The Game(Hammond/Hazlewood)
 5.Follow The Leader(Hammond/Hazlewood)
 7.Something Strange(Howard/Blaikley)
 8.On My Way Home(Bown/Frampton)
 9.I Can Fly(Howard/Blaikley)
10.Charlie Anderson(Martin/Coulter)
12.I'm So Pretty(Howard/Blaikley)
13.Understand Me(Bown/Framton)
14.Mother's Blue Eyed Angel(Bown/Framton)
15.Miss Jones(Bown/Framton)
16.Our Fairytale(Bown/Framton)
17.On Your Own(Frampton)
18.Beauty Queen(Bown/Framton)

Produced by Steve Rowland

PETER FRAMPTON 「Frampton Comes Alive」

 1.(Baby) Something's Happening
 2.Doobie Wah
 3.Show Me The Way
 4.It's A Plain Shame
 5.All I Want To Be(Is By Your Side)
 6.Wind Of Change
 7.Baby, I Love Your Way
 8.I Wanna Go To The Sun
 9.Penny For Your Thoughts
10.(I'll Give You) Money
11.Shine On
12.Jumping Jack Flash
13.Lines On My Face
14.Do You Feel Like We Do

All Tracks Written by Peter Frampton
except 12 Written by Jagger/Richards
Produced and Arranged by Peter Frampton

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