THE PLATTERS 「The Very Best Of The Platters」

THE PLATTERS 「The Very Best Of The Platters」

 1.The Great Pretender(Buck Ram)
 2.My Prayer(Georges Boulange-Jimmy Kennedy)
 3.(You've Got)The Magic Touch(Buck Ram)
 4.On My Word Of Honor
 5.Twilight Time(Al Nevins-Morty nevins-Buck Ram)
 6.You'll Never Never Know(Jean Miles-Paul Robi-Tony Williams)
 7.Only You(And You Alone)(Buck Ram-Ande Rand)
 8.I'm Sorry(Buck Ram-Peter Tinturin-William White)
 9.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes(Otto Harbach-Jerome Kern)
10.If I Didn't Care(Jack Lawrence)
11.Enchanted(Buck Ram)
12.Harbor Lights(Jimmy Kennedy-Hugh Williams)

THE PLATTERS 「The Platters」

プラターズ 「プラターズのすべて」

 1.Only You(B.Ram-A.Rand)
 2.The Great Pretender(B.Ram)
 4.The Magic Touch(B.Ram)
 5.I'm Sorry(B.Ram-P.Tinturin-B.White)
 6.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes(J.Kern-O.Harbach)
 7.Habour Lights(J.B.Kennedy-H.Williams)
 8.My Prayer(G.Boulanger-J.Kennedy)
 9.I'll Be Home(Washington)
10.I Love You Because(L.Payne)
11.Red Sails In The Sunset(H.Williams-J.Kennedy)
12.Golden Earrings(V.Young-J.Livingston-R.Evans)
13.My Way(P.Anka-J.Revaux-C.Francois)
14.Sentimental Journey(B.Homer-L.Brown-B.Green(
15.Catch The Wind(Donovan)
16.TwiLight Time(B.Ram-A.Dunn-A.Nevins)
17.I Love You 1000 Times(L.Dixon-I.Foxx)
18.Love Letter(J.Yaysnoff-I.Yaysnoff)
19.Unchained Melody(A.North-H.Zaret)
20.With The Ring(B.Wjylie-L.Dixon)

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