THE POLICE 「Reggatta De Blanc」

THE POLICE 「Reggatta De Blanc」

 1.Message In A Bottle(Sting)
 2.Regatta De Blanc(The Police)
 3.It's Alright For You(Stewart Copeland-Sting)
 4.Bring On The Night(Sting)
 5.Deathwish(The Police)
 6.Walking On The Moon(Sting)
 7.On Any Other Day(Stewart Copeland)
 8.The Bed's Too Big Without You(Sting)
 9.Contact(Stewart Copeland)
10.Does Everyone Stare(Stewart Copeland)
11.No Time This Time(Sting)

Produced by The Police and Nigel Gray

THE POLICE 「Ghost In The Machine」

ポリス 「ゴースト・イン・ザ・マシーン」

 1.Spirits In The Material World(Sting)
 2.Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic(Sting)
 3.Invisible Sun(Sting)
 4.Hungry For You(J'aurais Toujours Faim De Toi)(Sting)
 5.Demolition Man(Sting)
 6.Too Much Information(Sting)
 7.Rehumanize Yourself(Lyrics:Sting/Music:Copeland)
 8.One World(Not Three)(Sting)
10.Secret Journey(Sting)

Produced by The Police and Hugh Padgham

THE POLICE 「Synchronicity」

THE POLICE 「Synchronicity」

 2.Walking In Your Footsteps
 3.O My God
 5.Miss Gradenko
 6.Synchronicity U
 7.Every Breath You Take
 8.King Of Pain
 9.Wrapped Around Your Finger
10.Tea In The Sahara
11.Murder By Numbers

All Words & Music by Sting

4 Words & Music by Andy Summers
5 Words & Music by Stewart Copeland
11 Words by Sting/Music by Andy Summers
Produced by Hugh Padgham and The Police

THE POLICE 「Every Breath You Take The Classics」

ポリス 「ポリス・ザ・クラシックス〜見つめていたい」

 2.Can't Stand Losing You
 3.Message In A Bottle
 4.Walking On The Moon
 5.Don't Stand So Close To Me
 6.De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
 7.Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
 8.Invisible Sun
 9.Spirits in The Material World
10.Every Breath You Take
11.King Of Pain
12.Wrapped Around Your Finger
13.Don't Stand So Close To Me '86
14.Message In A Bottle(New Classic Rock Mix)

All songs written by Sting

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