POPA CHUBBY 「Booty And The Beast」

ポパ・チャビー 「ブーティ・アンド・ザ・ビースト」

 1.Palace Of The King(L.Russell-D.Dunn-D.Nix)
 2.Lookin' Back(T.Horowitz)
 3.Healing In Her Hands(T.Horowitz)
 4.Sweet Goddess Of Love And Beer(T.Horowitz)
 5.Stoop Down Baby(T.Horowitz)
 7.Same Old Blues(D.Nix)
 8.Anything You Want Me To Do(T.Horowitz-J.Levine)
 9.Low Down And Dirty(T.Horowitz)
10.Waitin' For The Light(T.Horowitz)
11.Angel On My Shoulder(T.Horowitz-M.Leslie)
12.You Rub Me The Wrong Way(T.Horowitz)
13.Secret Chubby(T.Horowitz)
15.Chubby's Goodnight(T.Horowitz)

Produced by Tom Dowd

POPA CHUBBY 「It's Chubby Time! The Best Of Popa Chubby」

パパ・チャビー 「イッツ・チャビー・タイム! 〜ザ・ベスト・オブ・パパ・チャビー」

 1.Money(Don Castagno)
 2.Stoop Down Baby(Ted Horowitz)
 3.Sweet Goddess Of Love And Beer(Ted Horowitz)
 4.Feel My Eyes On You(Ted Horowitz)
 5.It's Chubby Time(Ted Horowitz)
 6.Show Me(Mike Leslie, Ted Horowitz)
 7.Every Girl I See(M.P. Murphy, Willie Dixon)
 8.Angel On My Shoulder(Ted Horowitz, Mike Leslie)
 9.Don't Look Back(Mike Leslie)
10.Workin' Class Blues(Ted Horowitz)
11.Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out(Jimmie Cox)
12.Dance The Night Away(Ted Horowitz)
13.Laya What Ya Tryin To Do(Ted Horowitz)
14.Protected(Ted Horowitz)
15.What's Your Problem(Ted Horowitz)
16.She's Not An Angel(Ted Horowitz)<Previously Unreleased>
17.Ride Devil Girls Ride(Ted Horowitz)<Previously Unreleased>

All songs produced by Ted Horowitz

POPA CHUBBY 「Hit The High Hard One: Popa Chubby Live」

パパ・チャビー 「ヒット・ザ・ハイ・ハード・ワン〜パパ・チャビー・ライヴ」

 1.Heart Attack And Vine(Tom Waits)
 2.Trail Of Tears(T.Horowitz)
 3.Size 13
 4.What's So Great About Rock And Roll(T.Horowitz)
 5.Stoop Down Baby(T.Horowitz)
 6.Long Distance Pain(T.Horowitz)
 7.Caffeine And Nicotine(T.Horowitz)
 8.Isis(Bob Dylan)
 9.Sweet Goddess Of Love And Beer(T.Horowitz)
10.San Catri(T.Horowitz)
11.Wild Thing(Chip Taylor)
12.Rock And Roll(Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham)<Bonus Track>
13.Dirty Life(T.Horowitz)<Bonus Track>

Produced by Ted Horowitz

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