RALPH TRESVANT 「Ralph Tresvant」

 1.Rated R
 3.She's My Love Thang
 4.Stone Cold Gentleman (Rizz's Interlude)
 5.Do What I Gotta Do
 6.Love Hurts
 7.Girl I Can't Control It
 8.Love Takes Time
 9.Public Figure (Ordinary Guy)
10.Last Night
11.I Love You (Just For You)
12.Alright Now
13.Sensitivity (Ralph's Rap)

1, 2, 3, 5Produced by Jam & Lewis
4, 6, Produced by Daryl Simmons and Kayo For Laface
7, 8 Produced by Kyle West
9 Produced by Wolf & Epic For Peace Productions
10 Produced by Timmy Gatling and Alton "Wokie" Stewart
11 Produced by Vassal Benford
12 Produced by JohnBarnes

RALPH TRESVANT 「It's Goin' Down」

RALPH TRESVANT 「It's Goin' Down」

 2.Shaky Ground
 3.Who's The Mack?
 4.It's Goin' Down
 5.You'll Remember Me
 6.My Aphrodisiac
 7.When I Need Somebody
 8.Sex Maniac
 9.The Booty Affair
10.Love At First Sight
11.Your Touch

Produced by Ralph Tresvant
2, 6 Produced by Ralph Tresvant and Kirk Crumpler
3, 7, 13 Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
11 Produced by Ralph Tresvant and Leonitis Sherrod

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