RAY CHARLES 「What'd I Say」

レイ・チャールズ 「ホワッド・アイ・セイ」

 1. (a)What'd I Say Part-T
   (b)What'd I Say Part-U(Ray Charles)
 2.Jumpin' In The Mornin'(Ray Charles)
 3.You Be My Baby(Doc Pomus, Morty Shuman & Ray Charles)
 4.Tell Me How Do You Feel(Percy Mayfield & Ray Charles)
 5.What Kind Of Man Are You(Ray Charles)
 6.(a)Rockhouse Part-T
  (b)Rockhouse-Part U(Ray Charles)
 7.Roll With My Baby(Sam Sweet)
 8.Tell All The World About You(Ray Charles)
 9.My Bonnie(Ray Charles)
10.That's Enough(Ray Charles)

RAY CHARLES 「Would You Believe?」

レイ・チャールズ 「ウッド・ユー・ビリーヴ?」

 1.I'll Take Care Of You(Jimmy Lewis)
 2.Your Love Keeps Me Satisfied(Billy Preston)
 3.Ellie, My Love(Keisuke Kuwata/English Lyrics: RUmiko Varnes)
 4.I Can't Get Enough(Joel Webster/Mabel John)
 5.Let's Get Back To Where We Left Off(Jimmy Lewis/Charles Richard Cason) feat. PEGGY SCOTT
 6.Child Support & Alimony(Jimmy Lewis)
 7.Fresh Out Of Tears(Jimmy Lewis)
 8.Living Without You(Music by Johnny Mandel/Lyrics by Randy Goodrum)
 9.Where're The Stairs?(Jimmy Lewis)
10.Leave Him(Jimmy Lewis)

1, 7, 10 Produced & Arranged by Jimmy Lewis
2, 4, 5, 8 Produced, Arraned & Engineered by Ray Charles
3 Produced & Arranged by Jerry Hey
6, 9 Produced by Jimmy Lewis/Arranged by Jimmy Lewis/Charles Richard Cason

RAY CHARLES 「Genius Loves Company」

RAY CHARLES 「Genius Loves Company」

 1.Here We Go Again(Russell Steagall & Don Lanier) with NORAH JONES
 2.Sweet Potato Pie(James Taylor) with JAMES TAYLOR
 3.You Don't Know Me(Eddy Arnold & Cindy Walker) with DIANA KRALL
 4.Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word(Elton John & Bernie Taupin) with ELTON JOHN
 5.Fever(Eddie Cooley & John Davenport) with NATALIE COLE
 6.Do I Ever Cross Your Mind(Billy Burnette & Michael Smotherman) with BONNIE RAITT
 7.It Was A Very Good Year(Ervin Drake) with WILLIE NELSON
 8.Hey Girl(Gerald Goffin & Carole King) with MICHAEL MCDONALD
 9.Sinner's Prayer(Lowell Fulson & Lloyd C. Glenn) with B.B.KING
10.Heaven Help Us All(ROnald Miller) with GLADYS KNIGHT
11.Somewhere Over The Rainbow(Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg) with JOHNNY MATHIS
12.Crazy Love(Live)(Van Morrison) with VAN MORRISON

Produced by John Burk
except 3, 4, 5, 6, 12 Produced by Phil Ramone
Mixed by AL Schmitt

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