RAY PARKER JR. & Radio 「The Best Of Ray Parker Jr. & Radio」

RAY PARKER JR. & Radio 「The Best Of Ray Parker Jr. & Radio」

 2.You Can't Change That
 3.A Woman Needs Love(Just Like You Do)
 4.More Than One Way To Love A Woman
 5.Stay The Night
 6.Let Me Go
 7.Betcha Can't Love Me Just Once
 8.Jack And Jill(Back Up The Hill)
 9.The Other Woman
10.Two Places At The Same Time
11.(I Still Can't Get Over) Loving You
12.Girls Are More Fun
13.Is This A Love Thing
14.For Those Who Like To Groove

All songs written by Ray Parker Jr.
All songs produced by Ray Parker Jr.

RAY PARKER JR. 「After Dark」


 1.I Don't Think That Man Should Sleep Alone
 2.Over You Duet With Natalie Cole
 3.Lovin' You
 4.You Should Kept A Spare
 5.The Past
 6.You Make My Nature Dance
 7.Perfect Lovers
 8.After Midnight
 9.I Love Your Daughter
10.After Dark

Produced, Arranged and Engineered by Ray Parker Jr
2, 7 Produced by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager,
Arranged by Burt Bacharach

RAY PARKER JR. 「I Love You Like You Are」

レイ・パーカー,JR. 「アイ・ラヴ・ユー・ライク・ユー・アー」

 1.She Needs To Get Some(Rap by FATHER MC)
 2.Ain't Gone Go For That
 3.I Love You Like You Are
 4.No Matter What Happens(Rap by FATHER MC)
 5.Love Is So Strange
 6.Girl I Saw You(Rap by FATHER MC)
 7.Til I Met You
10.Let's Go Back To Bed
11.Love, Sex And Money(Rap by MC MELLO)
12.Square One

All songs written by Ray Parker, Jr.
10 written by Chris Pelcer-Ray Parker, Jr.
12 written by Gary Taylor

Produced by Ray Parker, Jr.
6 Produced by Father MC
12 Produced by Gary Taylor

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