RICHIE HAVENS 「Sings Beatles And Dylan」

RICHIE HAVENS 「Sings Beatles And Dylan」

 1.Here Comes The Sun(G.Harrison)
 2.If Not For You(B.Dylan)
 3.Lay Lady Lay(B.Dylan)
 4.In My Life(J.Lennon&P.McCartney)
 5.Strawberry Fields(J.Lennon&P.McCartney)
 6.All Along The Watchtower(B.Dylan)
 8.My Sweet Lord(G.Harrison)
 9.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue(B.Dylan)
10.Eleanor Rigby(J.Lennon&P.McCartney)
11.Just Like A Woman(B.Dylan)
12.The Long And Winding Road(J.Lennon&P.McCartney)
13.Let It Be(J.Lennon&P.McCartney)
14.License To Kill(B.Dylan)
15.The Times They Are A-Changin'(B.Dylan)
16.Working Class Hero(J.Lennon)
17.Rocky Raccoon(J.Lennon&P.McCartney)
18.With A Little Help From My Friends(J.Lennon&P.McCartney)

Produced by Douglass Yeager & Richie Havens


リッチー・ヘヴンズ 「ナウ」

 1.Angel(Jimi Hendrix)
 2.You Are The One(David Grow)
 3.That's The Way I See You(Tim Moore)
 4.After All These Years(David Grow)
 5.Love Sometimes Says Goodbye(David Grow)
 6.Message From The Doctor(Nick Jameson)
 7.Time After Time(Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman)
 8.You're My Tomorrow(Tim Moore)
 9.Let The Walls Fall Down(Fuzzbeww Morse)
10.It Ain't Over Til It's Over(Tim Moore)

All Songs Produced by Johanan Vigoda
1, 7, 9 Co-Production: Fuzzbe Morse
2, 4, 5 Co-Production: David Grow
3, 8, 10 Co-Production: Tim Moore
6 Co-Production: Nick Jamson

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