リッチー・スティーヴンス 「ウィロー・トゥリー」

 1.Over You
 2.Whell Turn
 3.Willow Tree
 4.Should I
 5.So Much Better Now
 6.Ol'e Man River
 9.Free At Last feat. FRANKIE PAUL
10.Waist Line feat. GENERAL TREES
11.Kuff Them
12.Betcha By Golly Wow

Produced by E.J.Robinson
1, 2 Produced by June & Dennis Star
4 Produced by Black Beard


RICHIE STEPHENS 「Forever」 リッチー・スティーヴンス 「フォーエヴァー」
<VPCD 1398> <OVE-0044>

■VPCD 1398■
 2.Fight Back
 3.Trying To Get To You
 4.Hot Lady
 5.Ebony Eyes
 6.Hot And Black feat. LT.STITCHIE
 7.They Call Me Casanova
 8.The Closer I Get To You feat. DIANA KING
 9.You're Every Women
10.How Deep Is Your Love
11.Whee Is The Love
12.Time For Love feat. JUNIOR TUCKER
13.Right Stuff
14.Pupa Lick feat. LT.STITCHIE
15.It Depends One You

1, 3, 8 Produced by Donovan Germaine
2, 4, 7 Produced by E.J.Robinson
5 Produced by Bobby Digital
6, 12, 13 Produced by Danny Brownie
9, 11 Produced by Richie Stephens/David Cole
10 Produced by Papa San
14 Produced by LT.Stitchie
15 Produced by Patrick Roberts

 2.Hot And Black feat. LT.STITCHIE
 3.The Closer I Get To You feat. DIANA KING
 4.Ebony EyesHot Lady
 5.They Call Me Casanova
 6.You're Every Women
 7.How Deep Is Your Love
 8.Whee Is The Love
9.Time For Love feat. JUNIOR TUCKER
10.Right Stuff
11.Pupa Lick feat. LT.STITCHIE
12.Trying To Get To You

1, 3, 12 Produced by Donovan Germaine
5 Produced by E.J.Robinson
4 Produced by Bobby Digital
2, 9, 10 Produced by Danny Brownie
6, 8 Produced by Richie Stephens/David Cole
7 Produced by Papa San
11 Produced by LT.Stitchie

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