RITA COOLIDGE 「The Lady's Not For Sale」

リタ・クーリッジ 「ザ・レディース・ノット・フォー・セール」

 1.My Crew(Booker T. Jones, Priscilla Jones)
 2.Fever(Johnny Davenport, Eddie Cooley)
 3.Bird On The Wire(Leonard Cohen)
 4.I'll Be Your Baby Tonight(Bob Dylan)
 5.A Woman Left Lonely(Spooner Oldham, Dan Penn)
 6.Whiskey Whiskey(Tom Ghent)
 7.Everybody Loves A Winner(William Bell, Booker T. Jones)
 8.Donut Man(Marc Benno, Irvan Benno)
 9.Inside Of Me(Marc Benno, Irvan Benno, Mike Utley)
10.The Lady's Not For Sale(Kris Kristofferson, Carol Pugh)

RITA COOLIDGE 「Greatest Hits」

RITA COOLIDGE 「Greatest Hits」

 1.Born Under A Bad Sign
 2.We're All Alone
 3.Fool That I Am
 4.(Your Love Has Lifted Me)Higher And Higher
 5.Nice Feelin'
 6.Way You Do the Things You Do
 7.I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love
 9.Only You Know and I Know
10.I Don't Want To Talk About It
12.Am I Blue

Produced by David Anderle
except 7 Produced by David anderle and Bookker T.Jones

RITA COOLIDGE 「Dancing With An Angel」

リタ・クーリッジ 「ダンシング・ウィズ・エンジェル」

 1.I Just Want To Be With You(Words and Music by Yoshiyuki Osawa/English Lyrics by Priscilla Coolidge)
 2.Rain(Words and Music by Chisato Moritaka, Seiji Matsumoto/English Lyrics by Priscilla Coolidge)
 3.End Of The Summer(Words and Music by Goro Matsui, Yukihide Takekawa/English Lyrics by Priscilla Coolidge)
 4.Emdless Night(Words and Music by Randy Goodrum, Kazumasa Oda)
 5.Another Saturday〜Let It Be Me〜(Words and Music by Shogo Hamada/English Lyrics by Priscilla Coolidge)
 6.Samarkand Blue(Words and Music by Kazumi Yasui, Takuro Yoshida/English Lyrics by Priscilla Coolidge)
 7.River Of Love(Words and Music by Priscilla Coolidge, Rita Coolidge)
 8.Sol Y Sombra(Words and Music by Uho Iwasato, Toshiaki Matsumoto/English Lyrics by Priscilla Coolidge)
 9.Rainy Blue(Words and Music by Makoto Oki, Hideaki Tokunaga/English Lyrics by Priscilla Coolidge)
10.Please Don't You Cry(Words and Music by Megumi Shina, Nobody/English Lyrics by Priscilla Coolidge)
11.Suddenly(Words and Music by Priscilla Coolidge, Kasumasa Oda)
12.Circle Of Light(Words and Music by Priscilla Coolidge, Rita Coolidge)

Produced by Ichizo Seo and Mike Utley


リタ・クーリッジ 「アンド・ソー・イズ・ラブ」

 1.Come Rain Or Shine(Harold Arlen-Johnny Mercer)
 2.Save Your Love For Me(Buddy Johnson)
 3.Cry Me A River(Arthuer Hamilton)
 4.I Thought About You(James Van Heusen-Johnny Mercer)
 5.We're All Alone(Boz Scaggs)
 6.Estate(Bruno Brighetti-Bruno Martino-Joel Siegel)
 7.More Than You Know(Vincent Youmans-RObert Eliscu-Billy Rose)
 8.Sentimental Journey(Les Brown-Ben Homer-Bud Green)
 9.The Masquerade Is Over(Herbert Magidson-Allie Wrubel)
10.I Don't Know Enough About You(Peggy Lee-David Barbour)
11.Don't Smoke In Bed(Willard Robison)
12.Don't Go To Strangers(Redd Evans-Arthuer Kent-David Mann)
13.Estate(Alternative Version)(Bruno Brighetti-Bruno Martino-Joel Siegel)

Produced by Jimmy Haslip

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