RITA MARLEY 「Who Feels It Knows It」

 1.A Jah Jah(B.Marley - R.Marley)
 2.That's The Way(G.Cooper)
 3.Who Feels It Knows It(N.Livingston)
 4.One Draw(R.Marley)
 5.Thank You Jah(B.Marley)
 6.Good Morning Jah(R.Walters)
 7.I'm Still Waiting(B.Marley)
 8.Play Play(R.Marley)
 9.Jah Jah Don't Want(H.Balley)
10.Easy Sailing(R.Walters)

Produced by Rita Marley and Grub Cooper



 1.The Beauty Of God's Plan(D.L. McNeil and C.Samarel)
 2.Fussin' And Fighting(Bob Marley)
 3.Harambe(A.Cooper, R.Walters, Rita Marley)
 4.King Street(Rita Marley)
 5.There'll Always Be Music(Ricky Walters)
 6.My Kind Of War(Steve Golding)
 7.Who Is Your Neighbour(Eddie Randall)
 8.Love Iyah(Rita Marley& A.Cooper)
 9.Retribution(Albin Campbell)
10.Who Can Be Against Us(Traditonal/Additional Waords by Rita Marley, R.Walters, A.Cooper)

Produced by Ricky Walters, Grub Cooper & Steve Golding

RITA MARLEY 「We Must Carry On」

リター・マーリー 「星を継ぐ女」
<SRC3 901> <SHANACHIE 43082>

 1.I Know A Place(Bob Marley/Rita Marley)
 2.Serious Time(Rita Marley/Winston Holness)
 3.Who Colt The Game(Bob Marley)
 4.So Much Things To Say(Bob Marley)
 5.To Love Somebody(Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb)
 6.Earth Runnings(Rita Marley/A.Cooper/Ricky Walters)
 7.Bus Dem Shut (Bredda Pyaka)(Bob Marley/Rita Marley)
 8.Dem A Fight (Freedom)(Rita Marley/Winston Holness)
 9.Just One More Morning(Winston Holness)
10.Special Rhythm(Dee Irvin, Kenny Pierce)

Produced by Rita Marley & Wiston Holness(Niney The Observer)
3 by Heavy Love/Niney/Tyrone downie
4, 6 by Grub Cooper and Ricky Walters

RITA MARLEY 「Greatest Hits」

RITA MARLEY 「Greatest Hits」

 1.Good Morning, Jah(R.Walters)
 2.One Draw(R.Walters&A.Cooper)
 3.That's The Way(A.Cooper)
 4.Who Feels It, Knows It(N.Livingston)
 5.Thank You, Jah(Bob Marley)
 6.Keep On Pushing(Rita Marley & W.Holness)
 8.To Love Somebody(Barry & Robin Gibb)
 9.Play, Play(Rita Marley)
10.I Know A place(Bob Marley&Rita Marley)
12.So Much Things To Say(Bob Marley)
13.Earth Runnings(Rita Marley, A.Cooper&R.Walters)
14.Just One More Morning(R.Walters)
15.Harambe(Rita Marley, A.Cooper&R.Walters)
16.My Kind Of War(Steve Golding)
17.The Beauty Of God's Plan(D.L.McNeil & C.Samarel)
18.Love Iyah(Rita Marley&A.Cooper)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 Produced by Rita Marley & A.Cooper
6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, Produced by Winston Holness
15, 17, 18 Produced by R.Walters, A.Cooper & S.Golding
16 Produced by R. Marley, G.Cooper & S.Golding

V.A. 「The Marley Family Album」

V.A. 「ザ・マーリー・ファミリー・アルバム」

 2.Many Are Called(Original 12" Mix) - THE I THREES
 3.Keep On Pushing - RITA MARLEY
 4.Pushing(Vibes Mix) - RITA MARLEY and WICKERMAN
 5.Lion In The Jungle - JULIAN MARLEY
 7.One Draw - RITA MARLEY
 8.(Looking For) New Ways Of Loving - DHAIMA
 9.Spend The Night(Murder Mix) - RICHIE B with STEVEN MARLEY
10.Look Through The Window - RITA MARLEY and FREDDIE McGREGOR
11.Trodding(Original 12" Mix) - MELODY MAKERS
12.Genesis(Remix) - DALLOL
13.Sugar Pie(Original Mix) - MELODY MAKERS
14.Lion In The Morning(Version)

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