ROBBIE DUPREE 「Robbie Dupree」

ロビー・デュプリー 「ふたりだけの夜」

 1.Steal Away(R.Dupree-R.Chudacoff)
 2.I'm No Stranger(R.Dupree)
 3.Thin Line(R.Dupree-B.Elliott)
 4.It's A Feeling(R.Dupree)
 5.Hot Rod Hearts(B.LaBounty-S.Geyer
 6.Nobody Else(R.Dupree)
 7.We Both Tried(D.Foster-B.Champlin
 8.Love Is A Mystery(R.Dupree-R.Chudacoff-B.Bordy)
 9.Lonly Runner(R.Dupree-R.Chudacoff)

Produced by Rick Chudacoff and Peter Bunetta

ROBBIE DUPREE 「Carried Away」

ROBBIE DUPREE 「Carried Away」

 1.This Is Life(R.Dupree, C.Stew, B.LaBounty & B.Foster)
 2.Talk To You(Dupree, Lang & Nemiroff)
 3.Shadows On The Wall(Dupree, Martucci & Nemiroff)
 4.In Real Life(LaBounty & Goodman)
 5.Emotion(Dupree & Leinbach)
 6.Carried Away(Fellows, Bacon, Peake & Glaisher)

Produced by Robbie Dupree

ROBBIE DUPREE 「Walking On Water」

ロビー・デュプリー 「傷心の街」

 1.Walking On Water(R.Dupree, C.Adami)
 2.Goodbye To L.A.(R.Dupree, H.Jones)
 3.Money(R.Dupree, H.Jones)
 4.Return To Her(R.Dupree, C.Adami)
 5.Learn To Cry(R.Dupree, H.Jones, A.Essex)
 6.If We Try Again(R.Dupree, H.Jones)
 7.Walls Come Down(R.Dupree, H.Jones)
 8.Right Direction(B.LaBounty, D.innis, R.Dupree)
 9.Evil Eye(R.Dupree, H.Jones, C.Adami)

Produced by Robbie Dupree

ROBBIE DUPREE 「All Night Long」

ロビー・デュプリー 「オール・ナイト・ロング~ライヴ・ウィズ・クラッキン」

 1.Hot Rod Hearts(Bill LaBounty/Stephen Geyer)
 2.Talk To You(Robbie Dupree/Kenneth Nemiroff/Ann Lang)
 3.Desperation(Bill LaBounty/Rafe Van Hoy)
 4.Miracle Mile(Robbie Dupree/Debbie Lan)
 5.The Hurting Game(Robbie Dupree/Debbie Lan)
 6.Lonely Runner(Robbie Dupree/Rick Chudacoff)
 7.Real World(Robbie Dupree/David Sancious)
 8.This Is Life'R.Dupree/B.Foster/B.LaBounty/C.Shew)
 9.Right Direction(Robbie Dupree/Bill LaBounty/David E. Innis)
10.Shadows On The Wall(Robbie Dupree/Kenneth Nemiroff/Vinnie Martucci)
11.Freefallin'(Robbie Dupree/Rick Chudacoff)
12.Steal Away(Robbie Dupree/Rick Chudacoff)
13.Saturday Night(Robbie Dupree/Bill Elliot)
14.All Night Long(THe Chessmen)

Produced by Robbie Dupree

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