USG PRESENTS AFRICAN BLUES 「Color In Rhythm Stimulate Mind Freedom」

USGプリゼンツ・アフリカン・ブルーズ(ロン・トレント) 「カラー・イン・リズム」

 1.Word, Sound, Power Intro
 2.Inside Your Mind
 3.Great Mediator(Interlude)
 6.Great Mediator
 8.Coconut Jam
 9.Afrodrama Therapy
10.Odu Jazz
11.Inside Your Mind(Interlude)
13.Word, Sound, Power(Outro)

1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 Produced by Ron Trent & Anthony Nicholson
4, 5, 10 Produced by Ron Trent
9, 12 Produced by Anthony Nicholson


バティードス 「Olajope」

 1.Just A Dream
 3.Dear Neven
 5.Tengo Sed
 9.Myths And Realities

Produced by Bob Appel

V.A.(MIXED BY RON TRENT) 「Abstract Afro Journey」

V.A.(MIXED BY RON TRENT) 「Abstract Afro Journey」

 1.Time To Be Free(Free Words) - BASIL
 2.African Dreamland(Afro Lounge Mix) - SIRIUS BE
 3.Revolution(Miquifaye Extended Pass) - ANTHONY NICHOLSON
 4.Village Dance(USG Village Dance) - NEW AFRICAN ORCHESTRA
 5.Ebony Angel(JuJu Dub & Ebony Angel Vox) - USG feat. MONICA ELAM
 6.Hiroshi's Dub(Real Life Version) - T.P.O.
 7.Love Inside(Detroit Dub) - ALTON MILLER
 8.Congo Deep - MATEO & MATOS
 9.I Hear You Dreaming(Album Version) - ANANDA PROJECT
10.Afro Journey Beats - RON TRENT
11.Let's Be Free(Deep Instrumental) - ROMATT PRESENTS AFRO CENTRIC VIBE
12.Dem People Go(DF's Kicked Out Mix) - DENNIS FERRER
13.Nigelian Travels(Kaoz 6:23 Mix) - KERRI "KAOZ 6:23" CHANDLER
14.The Rhythm(Afro Lounge Extended) - RON TRENT PRESENTS KINGS DUB
15.Welcome Sire(Rockers Extended) - RON TRENT PRESENTS KINGS DUB
16.Deep Rooted(Alternative Mix) - DJ SPINNA
17.Cascades Of Colour(Wamdue Black Mix) - ANANDA PROJECT feat. GAELLE ADDISON
18.Ye Yo Ma(Kaoz Drumz & Kaoz 6:23 Mix) - KERRI CHANDLER
19.Season Of Love(Early Morning Mix) - BLAZE

V.A.(MIX THE VIBE: RON TRENT) 「Urban Afro Blues」

V.A.(MIX THE VIBE: RON TRENT) 「Urban Afro Blues」

<DISC 1>
 1.My Urban Soul(USG Club Mix & USG Urban Rydims) - URBAN SOUL
 2.Inner Spirit(T.G.'s Spirit Mix) - SAMBLE ORCHESTRA
 3.Shamefaced(FK Dub) - COLD FEET
 4.Grass Cutter(6:23 Club Mix) - KERRI "KAOZ 6:23" CHANDLER
 5.Groove Asylum(Julius Papp Original Mix) - JULIUS PAPP
 6.Wonderland(Winterland Mix) - FRANKIE FELICIANO
 7.Harder Gets Higher(6:23 Club Mix) - KERRI "KAOZ 6:23" CHANDLER
 8.Stormy Black(Do Be Doo Mix) - K.O.F./A LIL' LOUIS PAINTING
 9.The Real Thing(Ricanstruction Mix) - FRANKIE FELICIANO
10.The Essence(Original Mix) - KEMETICJUST
11.Red Sun(Kerri & DJ Deep Club Mix) - KERRI "KAOZ 6:23" CHANDLER
12.Nite Groove(Deeper Dimension Mix) - MATEO & MATOS
13.Misery(Lil Louis Extended Club Mix) - KIMARA LOVELACE
14.Time & Time Again(Basement Boys Club Mix) - SUBLEVEL feat. TRACY HAMLIN
15.Do You See What I See(Deep Zone Main Mix) - MONDO GROSSO

<DISC 2>
 1.Afro Tech(Nylon Classic Dub) - JAYMZ NYLON
 2.Moments In My Life(Lofty Version) - MKL VS SOY SOS
 3.Kote Moun Yo(Francois K. Main Club Edit) - DJ HIRO feat. MASABUMI KIKUCHI
 4.30 Years At Sea(Original Mix) - KEMETICJUST
 5.Hiroshi's Dub(Rhythm Version) - T.P.O.
 6.Village Dance(USG Village Dance) - NEW AFRICAN ORCHESTRA
 7.The Straight Magic(White Magic Mix) - THE ANANDA PROJECT feat. HEATHER JOHNSON
 8.Dream Of You(Original Mix) - NICK JONES EXPERIENCE
 9.Set Someone Free(DPN Club Mix) - SOUND OF SOUL
10.Inner Spirit(Classic Vibe Mix) - BIG MOSE'S
11.Sex(Sextrumental) - BASIL
12.Wishin'(Original Mix) - KEMETICJUST
13.The Passion(Original Mix) - ROMATT PROJECT
14.Cascades Of Colour(Joe Claussell's Percussion Acapella & Sacred Rhythm Mix) - THE ANANDA PROJECT feat. GAELLE ADISSON

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