ROSIE & THE ORIGINALS 「Angel Baby Revisited」

ロージー&ジ・オリジナルズ 「エンジェル・ベイビー・エイヴィジテッド」

 1.Dedicated To The One I Love(A Cappella Version)(Lowman Pauling, Ralph Bass)
 2.You'll Lose A Good Thing(Barbara Lynn, Huey P Meaux)
 3.I'm So Proud(Curtis Mayfield)
 4.Maybe I'm Dreaming(Rosie Hamlin)
 5.Read The Story Of Love(Rosie Hamlin, Noah Tafolla)
 6.Angel Ffrom Above(Rosie Hamlin)
 7.For Love(James Bentley)
 8.Angel Baby(Spanish/English Version)(Rosie Hamlin)
 9.Lost Illusions(Rosie Hamlin, James Bentley)
10.La Bamba(Trad, Arr. Richie Valens)
11.We'll Have A Chance(Rosie Hamlin)
12.Cloud Nine(Rosie Hamlin)
13.Baby, Baby, Baby(Rosie Hamlin)
14.My One And Only Love(Robert Mellin, GUy B Wood)
15.Kinda Makes You Wonder(John Tafolla, Rosalie Tafolla)
16.I Don't Understand(Hank Castro, Gil Quesada)
17.Steppin Out In Style(James Bentley)
18.Gallery Of Dreams(Rosie Hamlin, James Bentley, Brad Pierce)
19.Confessin' A Feeling(Isaac Bolton)
20.Just Take Your Time(James Bentley)
21.I Could Never Miss You(More Than I Do)(Neil Harrison)
22.Angel Baby(A Cappella Version)(Rosie Hamlin)
23.Radio Plugs for Kjok, Utah, Arizona(Spoken Word)

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ