WHISKEYTOWN 「Strangers Almanac」

WHISKEYTOWN 「Strangers Almanac」

 1.Inn Town
 2.Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight
 3.Yesterday's News
 4.16 Days
 5.Everything I Do
 6.Houses On The Hill
 7.Turn Around
 8.Dancing With The Women At The Bar
 9.Waiting To Derail
12.Somebody Remembers The Rose
13.Not Home Anymore

All songs written by David Ryan Adams
1, 3, 5, 12 by David Ryan Adams/Phil Wandscher
6, 7 by David Ryan Adams/Caitlin Cary
Produced, engineered & mixed by Jim Scott

RYAN ADAMS 「Heartbreaker」

ライアン・アダムス 「ハートブレイカー」

 1.(Argument With David Rawlings Concerning Morrissey)
 2.To Be Young(Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)
 3.My Winding Wheel
 5.Oh My Sweet Carolina
 6.Bartering Lines
 7.Call Me On Your Way Back Home
 8.Damn, Sam(I Love A Woman That Rains)
 9.Come Pick Me Up
10.To Be The One
11.Why Do They Leave?
12.Shakedown On 9th Street
13.Don't Ask For The Water
14.In My Time Of Need
15.Sweet Lil Gal(23rd/1st)

All songs by Ryan Adams
2 co-written with David Rawlings
6, 9 co-writtenb with Van Alston
Produced by Ethan Johns


ライアン・アダムス 「ゴールド」

<DISC 1>
 1.New York, New York(Ryan Adams)
 2.Firecracker(Ryan Adams)
 3.Answering Bell(Ryan Adams)
 4.La Cienega Just Smiled(Ryan Adams)
 5.The Rescue Blues(Ryan Adams)
 6.Somehow, Someday(Ryan Adams)
 7.When The Stars Go Blue(Ryan Adams)
 8.Nobody Girl(Ryan Adams and Ethan Johns)
 9.Sylvia Plath(Ryan Adams and Richard Causon)
10.Enemy Fire(Ryan Adams and Gillian Welch)
11.Gonna Make You Love Me(Ryan Adams)
12.Wild Flowers(Ryan Adams)
13.Harder Now That It's Over(Ryan Adams and Chris Stills)
14.Touch, Feel & Lose(Ryan Adams and David Rawlings)
15.Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues(Ryan Adams and Ethan Johns)
16.Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd.(Ryan Adams and Richard Causon)

<DISC 2>
 1.Rosalie Come And Go(Ryan Adams)
 2.The Fools We Are As Men(Ryan Adams)
 3.Sweet Black Magic(Ryan Adams and Ethan Johns)
 4.The Bar Is A Beautiful Place(Ryan Adams)
 5.Cannonball Days(Ryan Adams)

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Ethan Johns

RYAN ADAMS 「Demolition」

RYAN ADAMS 「Demolition」

 3.You Will Always Be The Same
 5.Cry On Demand
 6.Starting To Hurt
 7.She Wants To Play Hearts
 8.Tennessee Sucks
 9.Dear Chicago
10.Gimme A Sign
12.Chin Up, Cheer Up
13.Jesus(Don't Touch My Baby)

All songs written by Ryan Adams
except 11 by Ryan Adams and Carrie Hamilton
1, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 Produced by Dave Domanich
2, 4, 12 Produced by Ethan Johns
3 Produced by Michael Blair
5, 7, 9 Produced by Ryan Adams

<Bonus Track CD for Japanese First Edition>
 1.New York, New York(Live In Amsterdam)
 2.To Be Young(Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High)(Live In Amsterdam)
 4.Song For Keith

RYAN ADAMS 「Love Is Hell Pt.1」

RYAN ADAMS 「Love Is Hell Pt.1」

 1.Political Scientist
 2.Afraid Not Scared
 3.This House Is Not For Sale
 4.Love Is Hell
 7.World War 24

All songs written by Ryan Adams
except 5 written by Noel Gallagher
Produced by Ryan Adams and John Porter

RYAN ADAMS 「Love Is Hell Pt.2」

 1.My Blue Manhattan
 2.Please Do Not Let Me Go
 3.City Rain, City Streets
 4.I See Monsters
 5.English Girls Approximately
 6.Thank You Louise
 7.Hotel Chelsea Nights

All songs written by Ryan Adams
Prodcued by John Porter and Ryan Adams

RYAN ADAMS 「Rock N Roll」

ライアン・アダムス 「ロックンロール」

 1.This Is It(Ryan Adams, Johnny T. Yerington)
 2.Shallow(Ryan Adams)
 3.1974(Ryan Adams)
 4.Wish You Were Here(Ryan Adams, Brad Rice)
 5.So Alive(Ryan Adams, Johnny T. Yerington)
 6.Luminol(Ryan Adams, Johnny T. Yerington, Tony Shanahan)
 7.Burning Photographs(Ryan Adams, Johnny T. Yerington)
 8.She's Lost Total Control(Ryan Adams)
 9.Note To Self: Don't Die(Ryan Adams, Parker Posey)
10.Rock N Roll(Ryan Adams)
11.Anybody Wanna Take Me Home(Ryan Adams)
12.Do Miss America(Ryan Adams)
13.Boys(Ryan Adams, Johnny T. Yerington)
14.The Drugs Not Working(Ryan Adams)
15.Hyonotixed(Ryan Adams)<Bonus Track for International>
16.Funeral Marching(Ryan Adams)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by James Barber



 1.Twenty Nine
 2.Strawberry Wine
 3.Night Birds
 4.Blue Sky Blues
 5.Carolina Rain
 6.Starlite Diner
 8.Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part

All songs written by Ryan Adams
Produced by Ethan Johns

RYAN ADAMS 「Easy Tiger」

RYAN ADAMS 「Easy Tiger」

 1.Goodnight Rose(Ryan Adams, Brad Pemberton, Neal Casal and Jon Graboff)
 2.Two(Ryan Adams and Brad Pemberton)
 3.Everybody Knows(Ryan Adams, Brad Pemberton, Neal Casal and Jon Graboff)
 4.Halloweenhead(Ryan Adams)
 5.Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.(Ryan Adams and Brad Pemberton)
 6.Tears Of Gold(Ryan Adams, Brad Pemberton, Neal Casal and Jon Graboff)
 7.The Sun Also Sets(Ryan Adams and Brad Pemberton)
 8.Off Broadway(Ryan Adams and Brad Pemberton)
 9.Pearls On A String(Ryan Adams, Brad Pemberton, Neal Casal and Jon Graboff)
10.Rip Off(Ryan Adams and Brad Pemberton)
11.Two Hearts(Ryan Adams, Brad Pemberton, Neal Casal and Jon Graboff)
12.Three Girls(Ryan Adams and Brad Pemberton)
13.I Taught Myself How To Grow Old(Ryan Adams)
14.Nobody Listens To Silence(Ryan Adams)<Bonus Track>

Produced by Jamie Candiloro

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