RYO THE SKYWALKER 「How To Walk In The Sky」

RYO the SKYWALKER 「How To Walk In The Sky」

 2.One Man Army
 4.Sunny Day Walk(Dub)
 5.Water Flow
 6.Water Flow(Mr.Drunk Remix)
 7.Sunny Day Walk(Bobby Digital Mix)
 8.Water Flow(Dub)
 9.Introduction→Sunny Day Walk(Live At Sugar Soul Tour 2000 うず Zepp Tokyo on 6th, July, 2000)

1 Produced & arranged by Ropes(Tsutchie & Kazuki)
2 Produced by カジノ891レーベル
3 Mixed & Additional Production by Naoyuki Uchida
4 Mixed & Additional Production by Bobby "Digital" Dixon
5 Produced by Hirofumi Asamoto
6 Mixed & Additional Production by Mr.Drunk
7 Produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon & DIGITAL-B Crew
8 Mixed & Additional Production by Shojiro Watanabe

RYO THE SKYWALKER 「Still On Journey」

RYO THE SKYWALKER 「Still On Journey」

 3.Excuse Me
 4.Pirates Anthem feat. NG HEAD
 6.One Night Flower-Remix-
 7.Guerrilla Monster feat. CORN HEAD
 8.Sledge Head-Instrumental-
 9.Blue Star
12.Still On Journey-Interlude-
14.From Distance feat. PUSHIM
15.Starting Over

Produced by Ryo the Skywalker
2 Produced by シュリンピー
3, 6, 13 Produced by Sly Dunbar
4 Produced by Steely & Cleevie
5 Produced by JUnior
7 Produced by DJ Tanaken
8 Produced by Dean Frazer
9, 11 Produced and arranged by Home Grown
10 Produced by Steely
14 Produced and arranged by Asamoto Hirofumi
15 Produced by Hase-T

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