SPLIT ENZ 「Dizrythmia」

SPLIT ENZ 「Dizrythmia」

 1.Bold As Brass(Finn-Gillies)
 2.My Mistake(Finn-Gillies)
 3.Parrot Fashion Love(Finn-Rayner)
 4.Sugar And Spice(Judd)
 5.Without A Doubt(Finn)
 8.Nice To Know(Finn-Judd-Rayner)

Produced by Geoff Emerick and Split Enz

SPLIT ENZ 「True Colours」

スプリット・エンズ 「トゥルー・カラーズ」     SPLIT ENZ 「True Colours」
<PCCY-10050>    <CD-3235>

 1.I Got You(N.Finn)
 2.Shark Attack(T.Finn)
 3.What's The Matter With You(N.Finn)
 4.Double Happy(E.Rayner)
 5.I Wouldn't Dream Of It(T.Finn)
 6.I Hope I Never(T.Finn)
 7.Nobody Takes Me Seriously(T.Finn)
 8.Missing Person(N.Finn)
 9.Poor Boy(T.Finn)
10.How Can I Resist Her(T.Finn)
11.The Choral Sea(Split Enz)

Produced by David Tickle

SPLIT ENZ 「History Never Repeats(The Best Of Split Enz)」

SPLIT ENZ 「History Never Repeats(The Best Of Split Enz)」

 1.I Got You(N.Finn)
 2.Hard Act To Follow(T.Finn)
 3.Six Months In A Leaky Boat(T.Finn/Split Enz)
 4.What's The Matter With You(N.Finn)
 5.One Step Ahead(N.Finn)
 6.I See Red(T.Finn)
 7.Message To My Girl(N.Finn)
 8.History Never Repeats(N.Finn)
 9.I Hope I Never(T.Finn)
10.Dirty Creature(T.Finn/N.Griggs/N.Finn)
11.Poor Boy(T.Finn)

1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9 Produced and Engineered by David Tickle
3, 10 Produced by Hugh Padgham and Split Enz
6 Produced by David Tickle and Split Enz
7 Produced by Hugh Padgham and Eddie Rayner

CROWDED HOUSE 「Crowded House」

CROWDED HOUSE 「Crowded House」

 1.Mean To Me(N.Finn)
 2.World Where You Live(N.Finn)
 3.Now We're Getting Somewhere(N.Finn)
 4.Don't Dream It's Over(N.Finn)
 5.LoveYou' Til The Day I Die(N.Finn)
 6.Something So Strong(N.Finn/M.Froom)
 7.Hole In The River(N.Finn/E.Rayner)
 8.Can't Carry On(N.Finn)
 9.I Walk Away(N.Finn)
11.That's What I Call Love(P.Hester/N.Finn)

Produced by Mitchell Froom
except 8 Produced by Eddie Rayner-Neil Finn


クラウデッド・ハウス 「ウッドフェイス」

 1.Chocolate Cake(N.Finn/T.Finn)
 2.It's Only Natural(N.Finn/T.Finn)
 3.Fall At Your Feet(Neil Finn)
 4.Tall Trees(N.Finn/T.Finn)
 5.Weather With You(N.Finn/T.Finn)
 6.Whispers And Moans(Neil Finn)
 7.Four Seasons In One Day(N.Finn/T.Finn)
 8.There Goes God(N.Finn/T.Finn)
 9.Fame Is(Neil Finn)
10.All I Ask(N.Finn/T.Finn)
11.As Sure As I Am(Neil Finn)
12.Italian Plastic(Paul Hester)
13.She Goes On(Neil Finn)
14.How Will You Go(N.Finn/T.Finn)

Produced by Mitchell Froom and Neil Finn

CROWDED HOUSE 「Recurring Dream:The Very Best Of Crowded House」

CROWDED HOUSE 「The Very Best Of Crowded House」

 1.Weather With You
 2.World Where You Live
 3.Fall At Your Feet
 4.Locked Out
 5.Don't Dream It's Over
 6.Into Temptation
 7.Pineapple Head
 8.When You Come
 9.Private Universe
10.Not The Girl You Think You Are
12.I Feel Possessed
13.Four Seasons In One Day
14.It's Only Natural
15.Distant Sun
16.Something So Strong
17.Mean To Me
18.Better Be Home Soon
19.Everything Is Good For You

All songs written by Neil Finn
1, 13, 14 by Neil Finn & Timm Finn
16 by Neil Finn & Mitchell Froom
2, ,5, 6, 8, 12, 16, 17, 18 Produced by Mitchell Froom
3, 13, 14 Produced by Neil Finn & Mitchell Froom, Recorded by Tchad Blake
1 Produced by Neil Finn & Mitchell Froom, Recorded by Paul Kosky
4, 7, 9, 15 Produced by Youth, Engineered by Greg Hunter, Mixed by Bob Clearmountain
10, 11, 19 Produced by Mitchell Froom, Tchad Blake & Neil Finn


CROWDED HOUSE 「Time On Earthe」

 1.Nobody Wants To
 2.Don't Stop Now
 3.She Called Up
 4.Say That Again
 5.Pour Le Monde
 6.Even A Child
 7.Heaven That I'm Making
 8.A Sigh
 9.Silent House
10.English Trees
11.Walked Her Way Down
12.Transit Lounge
13.You Are The One To Make Me Cry
14.People Are Like Suns

All songs writtten by Neil Finn
6 written by Johnny Marr/Neil Finn
9 written by Neil Finn/Emily Robinson, Martie Maguire, Natalie Maines
Recorded and Produced by Ethan Johns
2, 3, 6, 12 Produced by Steve Lillywhite
14 Produced by Neil Finn and Nick Seymour

TIM FINN 「Tim Finn」

TIM FINN 「Tim Finn」

 1.Young Mountain
 2.Not Even Close
 3.How'm I Gonna Sleep?
 5.Tears Inside
 6.Birds Swim Fish Fly
 7.Suicide On Downing St.
 8.Show A Little Mercy
10.Been There, Done That

All songs composed by Tim Finn
except 1 composed by Tim Finn and Mitchell Froom
Produced by Mitchell Froom
Recorded & Mixed by Tchad Blake

FINN 「Finn」

FINN 「Finn」

 1.Only Talking Sense
 2.Eyes Of The World
 3.Mood Swinging Man
 4.Last Day Of June
 5.Suffer Never
 6.Angel's Heap
 8.Where Is My Soul
 9.Bullets In My Hairdo
10.Paradise(Wherever You Are)
11.Kiss The Road Of Rarotonga

All songs N.Finn/T.Finn
except 4 Neil Finn

Produced by Tchad Blake
Engineered & Mixed by Tchad Blake

NEIL FINN 「Try Whistling This」

NEIL FINN 「Try Whistling This」

 1.Last One Standing
 3.King Tide
 4.Try Whistling This
 5.She Will Have Her Way
 7.Twisty Bass
 8.Loose Tongue
11.Dream Date
12.Faster Than Light

Produced by Neil Finn & Marius De Vries
1, 12 Produced by Neil Finn & Tchad Blake
4, 9, 10 Produced by Neil Finn
13 Produced by Neil Finn & Jim Moginie

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