SANCHEZ 「Number One」

サンチェス 「ナンバー・ワン」

 1.Come To Rule
 2.Baby Can I Hold You
 3.Place Mash Up
 4.Here I Am
 5.Behind The Wall
 6.Can't Hold On To It
 7.Mexican Divorce
 8.I'm Waiting
 9.Praise Jah
10.Praise Jah Dub

All Songs Written by Sanchez
Except 2, 5 by Tracy Chapman
Produced by Phillip 'Fatis' Barrell

SANCHEZ 「Sonic Sounds Presents 〜 My Sound」

サンチェス 「ソニック・サウンズ・プレゼンツ~マイ・サウンド」

 1.You Gonna Loose
 4.I Wanna
 5.Day And Night
 8.Are You Still In Love
 9.Why Do I
10.My Sound
11.My Eyes Are Beautiful

All Songs Produced by Henry "Junjo" Lawes
except 11 by Montana Production

SANCHEZ 「Boom Boom Bye Bye」

SANCHEZ 「Boom Boom Bye Bye」

 1.Love Is A Funny Feeling(K.Jackson/P.Burrell)
 2.Tell It Like It Is(G.Davis/L.Diamond)
 3.Jah Promise(J.Osbourne/C.Dodd)
 4.Bun, Bun, Bun(K.Jackson/P.Burrell) with SHAKA SAMBA
 5.Boom Boom Bye Bye(K.Jackson/P.Burrell)
 6.Rise To Meet Jah(K.Jackson/M.Mays/P.Burrell) with FLOURGON
 7.Rosemary(Love Grows)(T.MacAuley/B.Mason)
 8.Close To You(B.Bacharach/H.David)
 9.Now That You Are Here(K.Jackson/M.Mays/P.Burrell)
10.Closer Than Friends(B.Jackson/D.Townsend)
11.Don't Stay Away(P.Dillon) with MARCIA GRIFFITHS
12.Indefinite Loneliness(B.Hammond)
13.Groovy Situation(Proud To Be Black)(J.Thompson) with SWEETIE IRIE
14.I Shall Be Released(B.Dylan)
15.God A Come(C.McFarlane) with MACKA B.

Produced by Philip Burrell & Kevin Jackson

SANCHEZ 「Just Sanchez」

サンチェス 「ジャスト・サンチェス」

 1.Once Upon A Time
 2.Dream Of Me
 3.Somebody's Watching Me
 4.Show Us The Way
 5.Didn't Really Mean It
 6.After You
 7.Help Me Make It
 8.Peace Of Mind
 9.Something Just Ain't Right
10.Have You Ever Been In Love
11.Somebody's Watching Me with DADDY SCREW

Produced by Paul Love

SANCHEZ 「Missing You」

 サンチェス 「ミッシング・ユー」    SANCHEZ 「Missing You」
 <OVE-0034>    <VPCD 1349>

 1.Another Sad Love Song
 2.Tell You How I Feel
 4.Missing You
 5.My Sweet Baby
 6.Where Ever I Lay My Hat
 7.Get Ready
 8.Can't Get Use To You
 9.Funny Forgotten Feeling
10.Don't Worry
11.Won't Last A Day<Bonus Track for Japan>
12.Family Man with STINGER MAN<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon

SANCHEZ 「Stays On My Mind」

SANCHEZ 「Stays On My Mind」

 2.Love We Had Stays On My Mind
 5.How Could You
 6.The Way Life Is
 7.Groovin' Out On Life
 8.You Got It Bad
 9.Blaze A Cup
10.Just Can't Stand The Pain
11.I'll Be There For You
12.Winter World Of Love
13.Honor Creation
14.You Want To Know
17.Discipline Child

SANCHEZ 「He's Got The Power」

SANCHEZ 「He's Got The Power」

 1.I Believe
 2.King Jesus Lives
 3.Old Rugged Cross
 4.On My Knees
 5.Tis So Sweet feat. CHEVELLE FRANKLYN
 6.One Day At A Time
 7.Love Lifted Me
 8.Across The Bridge
 9.He's Got The Power

All Songs Produced by Dean "Cannon" Fraser

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