SHAM 69 「The Adventures Of Hersham Boys」

SHAM 69 「The Adventures Of Hersham Boys」

 2.Fly Dark Angel
 3.Joey's On The Street
 4.Cold Blue In The Night
 5.You're A Better Man Than I
 6.Hersham Boys
 7.Lost On Highway 46
 9.Questions And Answers
10.What Have We Got(Live)
11.Borstal Breakout(12" Extended Version)<Bonus Track>
12.If The Kids Are United(7" Version)<Bonus Track>
13.I Don't Wanna Live(Live)<Bonus Track>
14.Rip Off(Live)<Bonus Track>
15.I'm A Man, I'm A Boy(Live)<Bonus Track>
16.Tell Us The Truth(Live)<Bonus Track>
17.Borstal Breakout(Live)<Bonus Track>

All tracks written by Pursey, Persons
4 Treganna
5 Hug, Hug
8 Pursey, Goldstein

SHAM 69 「The Adventures Of Hersham Boys/The Game」

SHAM 69 「The Adventures Of Hersham Boys/The Game」

 1.Money(Pursey and Parsons)
 2.Fly Dark Angel(Pursey and Parsons)
 3.Joey's On The Street(Pursey and Parsons)
 4.Cold Blue In The Night(Treganna)
 5.You're A Better Man Than I(Hug/Hug)
 6.Hersham Boys(Pursey and Parsons)
 7.Lost On Highway 46(Pursey and Parsons)
 8.Voices(Pursey and Parsons)
 9.Questions And Answers(Pursey and Parsons)
10.What Have We Got(Pursey and Parsons)

 1.The Game(Pursey and Parsons)
 2.Human Zoo(Pursey and Parsons)
 3.Lord Of The Flies(Treganna)
 4.Give A Dog A Bone(Pursey/Parsons/Treganna/Goldstein)
 5.In And Out(Pursey and Parsons)
 6.Tell The Children(Pursey and Parsons)
 7.Spray It On The Wall(Treganna/Goldstein)
 8.Dead Or Alive(Pursey and Parsons)
10.Deja Vu(Pursey and Parsons)
11.Poor Cow(Pursey and Parsons)
12.Run Wild And Free(Pursey and Parsons)

Produced by Jimmy Pursey and Peter wilson

SHAM 69 「The First The Best And The Last」

シャム69 「ベスト・オブ・シャム69」

 1.Borstal Breakout
 2.Hey Little Rich Boy
 3.Angels With Dirty Faces
 4.The Cockney Kids Are Innocent
 5.If The Kids Are United
 6.Sunday Morning Nightmare
 9.Hurry Up Harry
10.Questions And Answers
11.Give A Dog A Bone
12.Hersham Boys
13.Tell The Children
14.Unite And Win
15.Who Gives A Damn
16.That's Life

All titles composed by Pursey/Parsons
7 Composed by Pursey/Goldstein
11 Composed by Pursey/Parsons/Treganna/Goldstein

SHAM 69 「The Best Of & The Rest Of Sham 69 Live」

シャム69 「ライヴ・ベスト! THE BEST OF & THE REST OF SHAM 69 LIVE」

 2.What Have We Got
 3.Red London
 5.Angels With Dirty Faces
 6.Questions And Answers
 7.That's Life
 8.Borstal Breakout
 9.Everybody's Innocent
10.Joey's On The Street
11.They Don't Understand
12.Tell Us The Truth
13.Hersham Boys
14.James Dean
15.White Riot
16.If The Kids Are United

All Titles Written by Pursey/Parsons
4 Written by Pursey/Goldsmith
15 Written by The Clash

SHAM 69 「Kings & Queens」

SHAM 69 「Kings & Queens」

 1.Action Time Vision
 2.I Don't Wanna
 3.Ulster Boy
 4.They Don't Understand
 5.Tell Us The Truth
 6.Borstal Breakout
 7.Family Life
 8.Kids Are United
 9.Hurry Up Harry
10.Hey Little Rich Boy<Bonus Track>
11.Bosnia<Bonus Track>
12.Reggae Giro

All songs written by Pursey/Parsons
except 10 written by Perry/Ferguson

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