THE SHANGRI-LAS 「Greatest Hits & More」

シャングリラス 「グレイティスト・ヒッツ」

 1.Leader Of The Pack(Barry/Greenwich/Morton)
 2.Remember(Walking In The Sand)(Morton)
 3.I Can Never Go Home Anymore(Morton)
 4.Give Him A Great Big Kiss(Morton)
 5.The Train From Kansas City(Barry/Greenwich)
 6.Heaven Only Knows(Barry/Greenwich)
 7.Out In The Streets(Barry/Greenwich)
 8.Give Us Your Blessings(Barry/Greenwich)
 9.Sophisticated Boom Boom(Morton)
10.Right Now And Not Later(Moseley/Bateman/Hollon)
11.Long Live Our Love(Jackson/Barmes)
12.What Is Love(Morton/Michaels)
13.Past, Present And Future(Morton/Leiber/Butler)
14.Never Again(Michaels/Racano/Gorman)
15.He Cried(Daryl/Richards)
17.So Much In Love(Jackson/Straigis)
19.Good Night, My Love(Marascalco/Motola)
20.You Can't Sit Down(Mann/Muldow/Clark)

THE SHANGRI-LAS 「The Best Of The Shangri-Las」

THE SHANGRI-LAS 「The Best Of The Shangri-Las」

 1.Remember(Walking In The Sand)(Morton)
 2.Leader Of The Pack(Barry/Greenwich/Morton)
 3.What Is Love(Morton/Michaels)
 4.Give Him A Great Big Kiss(Morton)
 6.Out In The Streets(Barry/Greenwich)
 7.Give Us Your Blessings(Barry/Greenwich)
 8.Heaven Only Knows(Barry/Greenwich)
 9.Never Again(Michaels/Racano/Gorman)
10.What's A Girl Suppose To Do?(Barry/Greenwich)
11.The Dum Dum Ditty(Boyce/Venet/Hart/Martire)
12.Right Now And Not Later(Moseley/Bateman/Hollon)
13.The Train From Kansas City(Barry/Greenwich)
14.I Can Never Go Home Anymore(Morton)
15.Long Live Our Love(Jackson/Barmes)
16.Sophisticated Boom Boom(Morton)
17.He Cried(Daryl/Richards)
18.Dressed In Black(Michaels/Gormann/Morton)
19.Past, Present And Future(Morton/Leiber/Butler)
20.Paradise(Nilsson/Garfield/Botkin Jr./Spector)
21.Love You More Than Yesterday(Michaels/Gormann)
22.The Sweet Sounds Of Summer(Martire)
23.I'll Never Learn(Hurtwitz)
24.Take The Time(Cordell/Trimachi)
25.Footsteps On The Roof(Cordell/Trimachi)

Produced by Shadow Morton
Arranged and Conducted by Artie Butler
except 12 Produced by Ronald Moseley and Robert Bateman/Arraned and Conducted by Robert Bateman

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ