シャロン・シャノン 「ザ・ベスト」

 1.Sparky(Bovell, Carroll, Frazer)
 2.Bjorn Again Polka(Shannon)
 3.Maguire And Paterson(Overson Cop. Con,)
 4.Glentown(Trad, Arr. Shannon/Cooney/Dunford)
 5.Coridinio(Trad, Arr. Shannon)
 6.Out The Gap(Shannon)
 7.Reel Beatrice(Shannon)
 9.Sandy River Belle(Trad, Arr. Shannon)
10.The Mighty Sparrow(Shannon, Hutchinson)
11.Bungee Jumpers(Shannon, Hutchinson, Hennessy, Custy, Bridgeman, Connor and Buckley)
12.The Woodchoppers + & Le Reel Des Voyageurs(Trad, Arr. Shannon)
13.Tickle Her Leg(Trad, Arr. Shannon/Lunny)
14.Phil Cunninghams Set.(Cunningham)

1, 2, 6, 9, 10 Produced by Denis Bovell
3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 Produced by John Dunford

SHARON SHANNON 「Each Little Thing」

シャロン・シャノン 「イーチ・リトル・シング」

 1.Mouth Of The Tobique(Trad.)
 3.Bonnie Mulligan(Peter Ostrushsko)
 4.Each Little Thing(Cooney)
 5.The Bag Of Cats(Trad./Dan R.MacDonald/Cape/Breton)
 7.Rathlin Island(Browne/Trad.)
 8.Leaving Brittany(Johnny Cunningham/Seamus Gibson)
 9.Dance Of The Honeybees(C.Lennon)
 10.Micho Russell's(Junior Crehan/Trad./Richard Dwyer/Finbar Dwyer)
 11.El Meracado Testaccio(Horacio Salinas)
 12.The Ivory And The Quill(B.McNeill)
13.The Mighty Sparrow(Live)(Shannon/Hutchinson)<Bonus Track for Japan>
14.Spellbound(Trad.)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by Donal Lunny

SHARON SHANNON & FRIENDS 「The Diamond Mountain Sessions」

シャロン・シャノン&フレンズ 「ダイアモンド・マウンテン・セッションズ」

 1.A Costa De Galicia with CARLOS NUNEZ
 2.Galway Girl with STEVE EARLE
 3.The Diamond Mountain
 4.Slan Le Van with JOHN HOBAN
 5.The Four Jimmys(The Fitz Theme)
 6.A Man Of Constant Sorrow with JACKSON BROWNE
 7.Say You Love Me with DESSIE O'HALLORAN
 8.The Pernod Waltz with THE WOODCHOPPERS
 9.The Hound Of Letterfrack
10.On The Banks Of The Old Pontchertrain with THE HOTHOUSE FLOWERS
11.Love Love Love with JOHN PRINE and MARY STAUNTON
12.Jota Do Porto Do Cabo with CARLOS NUNEZ
13.Fire In The Bellies with LIZ and YVONNE KANE
14.Northern Lights

Produced by Sharon Shannon and John Dunford
except 1, 4, 6, 7, 11, 12 Produced by Donal Lunny


シャロン・シャノン 「リベルタンゴ」

 1.The Whitestrand Sling(Peter Browne)
 2.Libertango(Reynolds/Wilkey/Piazzolla) feat. KIRSTY MACCOLL
 3.Duncans(C. & R. MacDonald)
 4.An Phailistin(Words written by Trease Ni Chennabhain/Music composed by Trease Ni Cheannabhain and Donal Lunny)
 5.Albatross(Peter Greenwood)
 6.Hogs And Heifers(Sharon Shannon)
 7.The Seven Rejoices Of Mary(Trad. Arr: Noirin Ni Riain) feat. SINEAD O'CONNOR
 8.All The Ways You Wander(John Spillane) feat. PAULINE SCANLON
 9.The Burst Mattress(Trad. Arr: Jim Murray/Sharon Shannon)
10.Space Party(Tune 1:Jim Murray/Tune 2: Sharon Shannon/Tune 3: Mary Shannon)
11.Anachie Gordon(Trad. Arr: Sinead O'Connor/Jim Murray/Sharon Shannon/Trevor Hutchinson/Steve Wickham/Mary Shannon)
12.The Wishing Well(Tommy Peoples)
13.What You Make It (Da Da Da Da)(Peter Browne) feat. MARVEL & LADY K

Produced by Sharon Shannon and John Dunford
except 4 Produced by Donal Lunny

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ