THE SPINNERS 「2nd Time Around」

スピナーズ 「セカンド・タイム・アラウンド」

 1.It's A Shame(S.Wonder/L.Garrett/S.Wright)
 2.I've Got To Find Myself A Brand New Baby(S.DePasse/M.Johnson/J.Bristol/H.Fuqua)
 3.Together We Can Make Such Sweet Music(R.Drapkin/M.Coleman)
 4.Bad, Bad Weather(Till You Come Home)(A.Story/L.Brown/H.Gordy)
 5.Pay Them No Mind(R.Ahlert/B.Scott)
 6.My Lady Love(H.Fuqua/A.Scott/V.Williams)
 7.Souly Ghost(A.Story/H.Gordy/L.Brown)
 8.O-o-h Child(S.Vincent)
 9.In My Diary(Graham/Silverman)
10.My Whole World Ended(The Moment You Left Me)(J.Bristol/H.Fuqua/J.Roach/P.Sawyer)
11.(She's Gonna Love Me) At Sundown(R.Gordy/T.Kemp)
12.Can Sing A Rainbow/Love is Blue(Hamilton/Blackburn/Cour/Popp)

SPINNERS 「Spinners」

SPINNERS 「Spinners」

 1.Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind(Vinnie Barrett)
 2.Just You And Me Baby(Yvette Davis)
 3.Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You(Jerry Akines/Johnnie Bellmon/Victor Drayton/Reginald Turner)
 4.I Could Never(Repay Your Love)(Bruce Hawes)
 5.I'll Be Around(Thom Bell/Phil Hurtt)
 6.One Of A Kind(Love Affair)(Joseph B. Jefferson)
 7.We Belong Together(Yvette Davis)
 8.Ghetto Child(Linda Creed/Thom Bell)
 9.How Could I Let You Get Away(Yvette Davis)
10.Could It Be I'm Falling in Love(Mervin Steals/Melvin Steals)

Produced, Arranged & Conducted by Thom Bell

THE SPINNERS 「Down To Business」

スピナーズ 「ダウン・トゥ・ビジネス」

 1.I'm Happy Baby(Pittman-Coney-Callier)
 2.We Got Businees(Page-Bettis-Graydon)
 3.Heal Me(Clayton-Kennedy)
 4.So Hard To Let You Go(Fred L. Pittman)
 5.I Wanna Love You Forever(Pittman-Brown-Callier)
 6.My Lady Is My Best Friend(Jackson-Williams)
 7.We Dance To Love Songs(Getschall-Waldman)
 8.Can I Depend On You(Aladdin-Sims)
 9.Memories of Allison(Chetkovich-Bryant)
10.Time Can Do Magic(Cynthia Bythell)

All selections Produced by F.L.Pittman
1, 2 Produced by F.L.Pittman and Jaee Logan
3 Produced by F.L.Pittman and Claytoven

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ