2.Just Take Me(Lancaster/Parfitt)
 3.Break The Rules(Coghan/Lancaster/Parfitt/Rossi/Young)
 4.Drifting Away(Lancaster/Parfitt)
 5.Don't Think It Matters(Lancaster/Parfitt)
 6.Fine Fine Fine(Rossi/Young)
 7.Lonely Man(Lancaster/Parfitt)
 8.Slow Train(Parfitt/Rossi/Young)
 9.Lonely Night(Coghan/Lancaster/Parfitt/Rossi)<Bonus Track>

STATUS QUO 「Blue For You」

STATUS QUO 「Blue For You」

 1.Is There A Better Way(Rossi/Lancaster)
 2.Mad About The Boy(Rossi/Young)
 3.Ring Of A Change(Rossi/Young)
 4.Blue For You(Lancaster)
 6.Rolling Home(Lancaster/Rossi)
 7.That's A Fact(Rossi/Young)
 8.Ease Your Mind(Lancaster)
 9.The Mystery Song(Rossi/Young)
10.You Lost The Love(Rossi/Young)
11.Mystery Song(Single Version)(Rossi/Young)
12.Wild Side Of Life(Carter/Warren)
13.All Through The Night(Rossi/Lancaster)
14.Wild Side Of Life(Demo)(Carter/Warren)

STATUS QUO 「Ain't Complaining」

ステイタス・クウォー 「エイント・コンプレイニング」

 1.Ain't Complaining(R.Parfitt/P.Williams)
2.Everytime I Think Of You(J.Edwards/J.Rich/M.Paxman)
3.One For The Money(R.Parfitt/P.Williams)
4.Another Shipwreck(A.Brown)
5.Don't Mind If I Do(F.rossi/J.Edwards)
6.I Know You're Leaving(Eric Van Tijn/Fluitama)
7.Cross That Bridge(J.David)
8.Cream Of The Crop(F.Rossi/B.Frost)
9.The Loving Game(R.Parfitt/J.Edwards/J.Rich)
10.Who Gets The Love?(P.Williams/J.Goodison)
11.Burning Bridges(On And Off And On Again)(F.Rossi/A.Brown)

Produced by Pip Williams

STATUS QUO 「Rocking All Over The Years」

ステイタス・クオー 「ロッキング・オール・オーヴァー・ザ・イヤーズ」

 1.Pictures Of Matchstick Men(F.Rossi)
 2.Ice In The Sun(Wilde-Scott)
 3.Paper Plane(F.Rossi/B.Young)
 5.Break The Rules(F.Rossi/R.Parfitt/B.Young/A.Lamcaster/J.Coglan)
 6.Down Down(F.Rossi/B.Young)
 7.Roll Over Lay Down(F.Rossi/R.Parfitt/B.Young/A.Lamcaster/J.Coglan)
 9.Wild Side Of Life(Warren/Carter)
10.Rockin' All Over The World(Fogerty)
11.Whatever You Want(R.Parfitt/A.Bown)
12.What You're Proposin'(F.Rossi/B.Frost)
13.Something 'Bout You Baby I Like(R.Supa)
14.Rock 'N' Roll(F.Rossi/B.Frost)
15.Dear John(Gustafason/Macauley)
16.Ol' Rag Blues(A.Lancaster/K.Lamb)
17.Marguerita Time(F.Rossi/B.Frost)
18.The Wanderer(Maresca)
19.Rollin' Home(David)
20.In The Army Now(Boland/Boland)
21.Burning Bridges(F.Rossi/A.Bown)
22.Anniversary Waltz Part One
    Let's Dance(Lee)
  〜Red River Rock(Kind/Mack/Mendelsohn)
  〜No Particular Place To Go(Berry)
  〜The Wanderer(Maresca)
  〜I Hear You Knocking(Bartholomer/King)
  〜Great Balls Of Fire(Hammer/Blackwell)

1, 2 Produced by John Schroeder
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 15, 16 Produced by Status Quo
9 Produced by John Glover
10, 11, 18, 20, 21 Produced by Pip Williams
12, 13, 14 Produced by Status Quo & John Eden
19 Produced by Dave Edmunds

STATUS QUO 「Don't Stop」

ステイタス・クォー 「ドント・ストップ」

 1.Fun Fun Fun(Brian Wilson/Mike Love) STATUS QUO WITH THE BEACH BOYS
 2.When You Walk In The Room(Jackie De Shannon)
 3.I Can Hear The Grass Grow(Roy Wood)
 4.You Never Can Tell(It Was A Teenage Wedding)(Chuck Berry)
 5.Get Back(John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
 6.Safety Dance(Ivan Doroschuk)
 7.Raining In My Heart(Boudleaux and Felice Bryant) Special Guest BRIAN MAY
 8.Don't Stop(Christine McVie)
 9.Sorrow(Bob Feldman/Jerry Goldstein/Richard Gottehrer)
10.Proud Mary(John C Forgerty)
11.Lucille(Albert Collins/Richard Penniman)
12.Johnny And Mary(Robert Palmer)
13.Get Out Of Denver(Bob Seger)
14.Future's So Bright(I Gotta Wear Shades)(Pat MacDonald)
15.All Around My Hat(Traditional Arranged by Rossi/Parfitt/Bown/Edwards/Rich) Special Guest MADDY PRIOR
16.Mortified<Bonus Track for Japan>
17.Temporary Friend<Bonus Track for Japan>
18/Tilting At The Mill<Bonus Track for Japan>
19.Fun, Fun, Fun(Extended Fade Version)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by Pip William

STATUS QUO 「The Party Ain't Over Yet...」

STATUS QUO 「The Party Ain't Over Yet...」

 1.The Party Ain't Over Yet(John David)
 2.Gotta Get Up And Go(Rossi/Young)
 3.All That Counts Is Love(John David)
 4.Familiar Blues(Parfitt/Bown)
 5.The Bubble(Bown/Edwards)
 6.Belavista Man(Parfitt/Edwards)
 8.Velvet Train(Edwards/Bown)
 9.Goodbye Baby(Rossi/Young)
10.You Never Stop(Edwards/Bown/Rossi/Parfitt/Letley)
11.Kick Me When I'm Down(John David/Webb Wilder)
12.Cupid Stupid(Rossi/Young)
13.This Is Me(Parfitt/Edwards)

Produced by Mike Paxman

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ