STEEL PULSE 「Caught You」

STEEL PULSE 「Caught You」

 1.Drug Squad(David Hinds)
 2.Harassment(David Hinds)
 3.Reggae Fever(David Hinds)
 4.Shining(Phonso Martin)
 5.Heart of Stone(Chant Them)(David Hinds)
 6.Rumours(Not True)(David Hinds)
 7.Caught You Dancing(David Hinds)
 8.Burning Flame(David Hinds)
 9.Higher Than High(Basil Gabbidon)
10.Nyahbinghi Voyage(David Hinds)

Produced by Geoffrey Chung
except 3 Produced by Del Newman

STEEL PULSE 「True Democracy」

 1.Chant A Psalm
 3.Find It...Quick
 4.A Who Responsible?
 5.Worth His Weight In Gold(Rally Round)
 6.Leggo Beast
 7.Blues Dance Raid
 8.Your House
 9.Man No Sober
10.Dub' Marcus Say

All songs written by David Hinds
except 8 written by Phonso Martin
Produced by Karl Pitterson

STEEL PULSE 「Babylon The Bandit」

スティール・パルス 「バビロン・ザ・バンディット」

 1.Save Black Music
 2.Not King James Version
 3.School Boys Crush(Jail Bait)
 4.Sugar Daddy
 5.Kick The Habit
 6.Blessed Is The Man
 7.Love Walks Out
 8.Don't Be Afraid
 9.Babylon The Bandit

All songs written by David Hinds
except 8 written by Selwyn D. Brown
Produced and Arranged by Jimmy "Senyah" Haynes


 1.Taxi Driver
 2.Can't Get You (Out Of My System)
 3.Soul Of My Soul
 4.Grab A Girlfriend
 5.Feel The Passion
 8.Gang Warfare
 9.To Tutu
10.Free The Land
11.We Can Do It
12.Stay With The Rhythm
15.Taxi (Dub)
16.We Can Do It(Acapella)

All songs written by David Hinds
2 Written by David Hinds - Stephen Bray
3 Written by David Hinds - Selwyn D.Brown - V.Jefferey Smith - Peter Lord
12 Written by Selwyn D.Brown
13 Written by Alphonso Martin

Produced by Steel Pulse + Paul Horton
2 Produced by Stephen Bray + Michael Verdick
3 Produced + arranged by Peter Lord + V.Jefferey Smith

STEEL PULSE 「Rastafari Centennial - Live In Paris - Elysee Montmartre」

STEEL PULSE 「Rastafari Centennial - Live In Paris - Elysee Montmartre」

 1.State Of Emergency
 2.Roller Skates
 4.Blues Dance Raid
 5.Taxi Driver
 7.Steppin' Out
 8.Chant A Psalm
 9.Gang Warfare
10.Stay Wid De Ridim
11.Makka Medley: Makka Splaff-Drug Squad-Handsworth Revolution
12.Ravers(Includes Dungeons)
13.Rally Round

All songs produced and arranged by Steel Pulse


 2.Back To My Roots
 3.Islands Unite
 4.Better Days
 5.In My Life
 6.Endangered Species
 7.New World Order
 8.X Ressurection
 9.Whirlwind Romance
10.No Justice No Peace
11.Dirty H20
12.Dub To My Roots

All songs written by David Hinds
Produced by Steel Pulse

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